1. Kian Joseph's Avatar
    The issue:
    I have an old Q5 running
    A while ago it tried to update to the latest OS, which was apparently 1.3gb... I had about 2gb of spare space on the phone and some way into the installation it told me "please free up an additional 2gb".. well, I did, so then I had almost 4gb spare and tried again.
    However, I kept getting the same message. I decided to jsut ignore it and not update as there was little I could remove to free up the required space and it seems something is wrong.
    Every now and then the update comes back, and the notifications are a bit annoying. anyway, after backing up my phone today on my Mac I decided to try and download/install update using BB Link. It all seemed to be working, downloaded (slowly), said it was installing, hit 100%, phone turned off and it did about 3 slow "installing updates"/"starting BlackBerry OS" before then finally starting up and showing me notifications saying that I need an additional 3.9gb of free space to finish the installation and my phone memory is now 7.7gb full (out of 8gb capacity)? I thought it was done but obviously not, and now it's demanding three times as much space as the beginning and has clogged my phone up..

    Can anyone tell me a) what's going on?, b) how do I fix it?, c) should I even bother or can I just stop future notifications?
    05-16-15 02:58 PM
  2. tollfeeder's Avatar
    It's a known problem and it's because of the low storage available on the Q5. Backup, (wipe your device), and start fresh either using Link or OTA. It will update eventually...
    05-16-15 03:17 PM

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