03-22-15 01:38 PM
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  1. Andy Wijaya's Avatar
    Same here!
    03-20-15 01:41 PM
  2. nuangel2's Avatar
    Same here

    Posted via CB10
    03-20-15 03:08 PM
  3. Leslie Martinez's Avatar
    Same problem with Mom's Blackberry Q10... she is going crazy not being able to see pictures thru the HUB... any word?
    03-20-15 06:00 PM
  4. Tom Skoropad's Avatar
    No word yet. In the meantime, log into Facebook Mobile in the browser and add a link to the page on the home screen. Access photos through there.

    Posted from my Zed 10 via CB10
    03-20-15 06:11 PM
  5. kermit3's Avatar
    I have the same issue. I couldn't open the FB notification from the Hub and FB app either. Wondering when they will get it fixed.
    03-20-15 07:57 PM
  6. Tom Skoropad's Avatar
    Read the post above yours.

    Posted from my Zed 10 via CB10
    03-20-15 08:11 PM
  7. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Seems they fixed it, the application is working like it should now. Damn you zuckerburg for "fixing" something that never needed fixing.

    Posted via CB10 using my QNX powered BlackBerry Q10.
    03-22-15 04:29 AM
  8. PHughes's Avatar
    It had to be a Facebook API issue as other have stated. Mine did the same, I did nothing, and now it works. Facebook isn't always 100% reliable and at times things don't work when they make changes.

    Posted via CB10
    03-22-15 01:38 PM
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