03-22-15 01:38 PM
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  1. Korla_Plankton's Avatar
    Occasionally when I click a facebook notification in the hub I get a 'could not load photos' error. The most recent example was when I commented on a picture, then got a notification that someone had liked my comment. I tapped on the notification and got the 'could not load photos' error.

    I have confirmed that the photo is still there on facebook, along with my comment and the like.

    Restarting the Hub had no affect.

    Anyone else seeing this issue?
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    03-18-15 11:24 AM
  2. frewtygal's Avatar
    Since last night around 8-9pm, NONE of the Facebook photo post notifications I receive, will load the photos, and I receive the same error message. Restarted the hub, uninstalled/reinstalled the Facebook app and nothing works Very unhappy right now...
    03-18-15 11:30 AM
  3. jhimmel's Avatar
    Same here. I thought it might have something to do with updating to, but my old Z10 that has not been updated at all recently is having the same problem. Seems to be a Facebook problem, or a Facebook account problem. I tried all the same remedies - deleting fb account, restating, reloading fb and re-adding account. Problem persists.
    03-18-15 11:34 AM
  4. ralfyguy's Avatar
    Can't upload no videos either. I says it's doing it, but in never shows up in the news feed.

    Posted via CB10
    03-18-15 11:36 AM
  5. Dr J39's Avatar
    I have had the same problem, since last night, and it is continuing still (1002 hrs, PDT, 03/18/15).

    Z10, on Verizon
    03-18-15 12:03 PM
  6. jhimmel's Avatar
    Mine is a Z30 on Verizon. Problem happens on Mobile data, and WiFi.
    03-18-15 01:34 PM
  7. Tom Skoropad's Avatar
    See this thread. Already reported to BlackBerry.


    Posted from my Zed 10 via CB10
    03-18-15 01:53 PM
  8. Amy Weaver's Avatar
    I am having the same issues. Deleted and reinstalled facebook app, still having issues. Hope they get it fixed SOON!
    03-18-15 03:49 PM
  9. OneofLittleHarmony's Avatar
    Same problem

    Posted via CB10
    03-18-15 06:40 PM
  10. jswauger's Avatar
    It must be a FB issue. To many people with different OS builds having the same problem. It started for me last night as well and continues tonight.

    Posted via CB10
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    03-18-15 08:49 PM
  11. Nazario Pescador Pereda's Avatar
    Same here. Let's wait.

    Posted via CB10
    03-19-15 06:43 AM
  12. Chuck Lane's Avatar
    Having the same problem "couldn't upload photo" (after clicking on Notification) with Facebook on my Blackberry Classic (since last night). Must be a problem with Facebook or Blackberry???
    03-19-15 11:20 AM
  13. TheNoseybonk's Avatar
    Same ere. Frustrating..


    Posted via CB10
    03-19-15 12:57 PM
  14. ralfyguy's Avatar
    Strange is that it is only when opening the notification from the Hub.
    When I open the FB app and tap on notifications and open the same post, the full screen image opens just fine.

    Posted via CB10
    03-19-15 02:07 PM
  15. Tom Skoropad's Avatar
    To clarify, it occurs when opening from the Hub, or Facebook native. Works properly from Facebook mobile.

    Posted from my Zed 10 via CB10
    03-19-15 02:49 PM
  16. snarlybear's Avatar
    Getting a few web pages doing the same thing. Wonder if it's related to the FB issue?
    03-19-15 09:04 PM
  17. nuangel2's Avatar
    I had that problem yesterday getting same can't load pic error.then today no problem everything is fine.
    03-19-15 10:11 PM
  18. Rootbrian's Avatar
    I guess it's a facebook API issue, it's been affecting me since before I loaded up 10.3.1 and after it too. I wish zuckerburg wouldn't try and "fix" things that don't need fixing.

    Posted via CB10 using my QNX powered BlackBerry Q10.
    03-19-15 10:33 PM
  19. EdStengel's Avatar
    I have the same issue on my Q10. Happens on Blackberry Facebook app. But works fine if I sign-in to Facebook on my phone through my browser. Super annoying!
    03-20-15 07:13 AM
  20. TheNoseybonk's Avatar
    The BlackBerry 10 Facebook app is definitely screwed up. As well as not loading photos it is also not adding my comments to my status!!


    Posted via CB10
    03-20-15 09:11 AM
  21. rhyshad_08's Avatar
    Same problem with my Q5..could't load photos from my notifications its been two days..i think its BB problem..
    03-20-15 11:57 AM
  22. rhyshad_08's Avatar
    Having the same problem "couldn't upload photo" (after clicking on Notification) with Facebook on my Blackberry Classic (since last night). Must be a problem with Facebook or Blackberry???
    03-20-15 11:59 AM
  23. rhyshad_08's Avatar
    I think its Blackberry problem..from my nokia there's nothing problem about my notifications.
    03-20-15 12:00 PM
  24. ValTech00's Avatar
    Same here..glad to see I'm not alone.
    03-20-15 12:05 PM
  25. Kate Robb's Avatar
    Same, won't open from hub or when I open the bbfb app either.
    03-20-15 01:12 PM
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