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    Bit of a strange happening here. As I'm sure you all know there seemed to be a little push on the 10.3.2 update today and I have updated all 3 of my devices, I own a passport, leap and Q10. After getting sick of waiting for the updates after a few months I decided to try out a few things with my passport and Q10, I didn't have my leap at this point. I did a stachsi update on my passport and ran an autoloader on the Q10, all no probs and very happy. My leap has always been on the stock os that came with the phone as I was happy with it as was. Tonight I turned on the Q10 and all the new update came through, I thought great then went to check on the leap and passport, the passport update was quick, only a small update. This is what I was expecting as I was already on 10.3.2. The leap update was 430MB, not bad considering it was a update from 10.3.1. From here it went a bit odd, my Q10 already on 10.3.2 has to download 1.4 GB!!! Why is this? Surely I thought it would have been a small update like the one on the passport, this to me seems like a whole new download!? Any one any ideas why?

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    09-08-15 04:53 PM
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    I moved the thread to the BBOS forum for a better shot for it to be answered.
    10-27-15 08:45 AM

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