1. ssbtech's Avatar
    Where's the search history in the Assistant?

    In 10.2, you open search and you have a keyboard pop up to start typing with and a history of your recent searches. I used this all the time.

    In 10.3, there's no history - the search app opens up to some buttons to send messages or make calls, not something I need the search for. Searching involves a second step, tapping in the "Type here" box before you can start typing, and there's no history to be found. And yes, I have "Save your usage history" enabled.

    06-02-15 09:23 PM
  2. w1ndex11's Avatar
    I just checked, it is slightly different. Make sure 'save history' is on the the assistant settings. And my history is in the little tiles rather than a list. Not as convenient I know.

    Posted via CB10
    06-02-15 11:32 PM
  3. ssbtech's Avatar
    I have the save history option enabled. Not seeing any history though...
    06-03-15 01:32 AM

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