05-24-16 06:25 AM
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  1. mnjtdutta1234's Avatar
    You can find it in "Downloads (not 'DOWNLOAD')" in Media Card..
    I can, try it you too
    03-16-16 09:04 AM
  2. placidcheeks's Avatar
    1)As soon as the file is transfered,open it in"Transfer " or Click on "Open" .
    2)You will see the file received in the Transfers history.
    3)Click on it and select "Options" in the bottom right.
    4)Click on "Share" and select "Dropbox". In Dropbox ,Click on "Upload" after selecting the required folder.
    5)Open the File Manager and open Dropbox. Now move the file transfered to the required folder in the "Device" .

    Note:You can do this for only one file at a time.

    Or else insert a memory card and you can see all the files tat was transferred in "Downloads" folder in Memory Card.
    The "Downloads" folder will be created automatically once the card is inserted.
    ... Thanks... I inserted a memory card and found all my downloads in the memory card folder... "sigh... big relief"
    05-23-16 08:59 PM
  3. SeedMella's Avatar
    Use Ghost Commander

    CB10|Z10-3| [Offial SeedMella]
    05-24-16 06:20 AM
  4. SeedMella's Avatar
    Hi! I have this problem on my Z10 OS 10.2 but I used Ghost Commander to access the files. Now I've upgraded to OS 10.3.1 the problem persists. Worst of all, Ghost Commander no longer works. Help!!!
    It is advised to run the Latest BlackBerry OS at all times as long as it's stable and ur phone allows for upgrade. U r running a primitive OS 10.3.1. U should be running the latest OS Ghost Commander works just fine in OS10.3.2.2876 and very likely would fix the Bluetooth download location issues.

    CB10|Z10-3| [Offial SeedMella]
    05-24-16 06:25 AM
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