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    Simple question really. My Q10 browser plays up a lot. It crashes to an empty square with the history deleted; breaks up into blue lines after playing YT videos as often as not; has to be reloaded each time I want to make a bookmark; and long since, stopped taking any notice of attempts to add links to home screen. I've tried the various suggestions on here to make it work, but not had any success. I certainly don't want to delete those I have, to make room. I have a Classic, which I can add links on with no trouble, but would like them on the Q10 as well.

    Any time I load a new app it's link appears on the home screen no problem. So it's the browser: not the filing system that's at fault.

    So: what folder are the home screen links in, and, how do the app designers access it? I have Ghost Commander, which seems to be able to see system folders that other file managers can't, but I still can't see the right folder.
    05-29-17 02:36 PM
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    If I remember correctly there's no real "folder" for the home screen icons, rather the developer uses an API to construct a shortcut to a file/asset/URL. Here's the documentation: https://developer.blackberry.com/nat...omescreen.html

    As for your problem, I recommend noting down your browser shortcuts somewhere outside your device (text file, etc) and wiping your phone. That's the first and last line of defense when a BB10 device starts acting up.
    05-29-17 02:55 PM

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