1. 13anda12's Avatar
    When I open whatsapp chat in the Hub it is in dark theme, but from whatsapp setting I'm using light theme,

    I've tried to reset the Hub but nothing changed

    Any one knows the solution?


    Posted via Q10
    03-14-15 05:08 AM
  2. dkonigsberg_wa's Avatar
    You may have to restart your phone.

    When you open a WhatsApp chat in the hub, the system actually starts up a second instance of WhatsApp that it keeps running (frozen) even long after you close the chat. As such, there's no easy way to deliberately "quit and restart" the hub instance of WhatsApp without rebooting your phone (or running low on memory and letting the system kill it for you).

    Or, if that's too complex of an explanation, just restart your phone :-)
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    03-14-15 10:18 AM

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