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    Hey guys,
    I've got a little problem.
    In about 15 days Whatsapp won't work on BB10 anymore.
    So I downloaded the Client-version Whatsup10 and installed it.

    First I made an export of my chats in BB10.
    When I tried to restore it in Whatsup10 with the Restore button I get the message "Can't find any backup in '/sdcard/GBWhatsApp'!

    When I check out my SD Card there is a folder called GBWhatsApp under SDcard/Android/GBWhatsApp.

    So I had copied my latest backup from today morning into that folder but WhatsUp10 is still sure - there is no backup.

    I've read a few post here on Crackberry, but I did not understand everything - I'm sorry if you had already answered this question.

    Maybe you will still help a Blackberry10-Fan from Germany
    12-16-17 06:49 AM

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