04-28-17 12:44 AM
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  1. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    2. then bedside mode should be automatic when plugged into the charger but not if it automatically shuts out calls or other messages
    i dont think it should be automatic personally but put the option in
    4. I am having some issues with my charging port and twice now it's been plugged in and wasn't charging. When the charger is plugged in a message or some more obvious indication the connection has been made would be useful. See bedside mode above. I have to put glasses on to see the little battery icon has a lightning bolt on it.
    same as well. even with the charger that came in box im having to make sure its charging ok. is this because its a bigger battery then the other BBs so it takes longer and not all chargers will charge it???
    These are some of the things I have noticed after using the phone for a week. I do love the keyboard and I was very hesitant to give up the physical keyboard of my 9800 Torch but now I'm converted.
    100% agree with you on this one ive always been a QWERTY guy, except for a small stint with the 9550, and im loving the touch keyboard on my Zed
    On the hardware side I sure wish the had kept the charge contacts the old pearls and bolds had. I hate fumbling with a micro USB charge cable. The charging pods were the best. Just set the phone in and its charging, some one calls pick it up with no cord. Great for bedside. Even the Torch had a cradle with a charge port built in that holds the phone in landscape mode and makes it an instant alarm clock. They should have built in the Powermat charging capability too. That would be good as well. I will be ordering one of the docking cradles as soon as I can find them available.
    i think they should, i dont know if this is even possible, but make a chargin mat using NFC...can NFC do that? i dont think it can im pretty sure its just for sending signals not a charge. can someone clear this up for me. again pretty sure it cant but if it could then it would be the same as power mat and wouldnt have to buy any other accessories.
    Having the USB charge port on the side where it is limits the use of the phone in a landscape mode while on charge with folding cover on it.
    my points are in bold to your ideas.
    02-15-13 11:18 AM
  2. NewfieCheesehead's Avatar
    +1 for most of the list. a few others I didn't see mentioned are:

    -Multiple Twitter/Facebook accounts in the HUB
    - NFC toggle in the settings drop-down
    - Group email contact lists
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    02-15-13 01:45 PM
  3. Takhis's Avatar
    If i receive a text message or a bbm i want the option of "Call Contact" or "Call Number". Before it as so easy because of the call button... now even on a menu is something i really need
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    02-15-13 03:24 PM
  4. belarkan's Avatar
    For the jump to the Q10 i'm waiting to see if Link will sync fully with Outlook using the USB cable, and if there are custom led colors like on the Bold 9900.
    02-16-13 01:46 AM
  5. kraschute's Avatar
    I would like to see the ability to browse and stream media from other DLNA servers and also play this (non-local) media to other devices (DLNA renderers) as it is currentlx already possible with the media on your phone!

    See concept:
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    02-16-13 03:52 AM
  6. stavrich's Avatar
    I have a Z10 now. My previous BB was/is the 9900 (BES, Enterprise device).

    Z10 is good but I am missing the clever bits from my 9900 or the previous BBs ( i had them all !! ).

    Able to highlight more than one message for deletion, make read or move etc. On the 9900 was a simple touching on first and last message or keep shift key down and move up down. On the Z10 you can select one message at a time.

    The ease of selecting text on 9900 - With the Z10 it takes ages.

    A great shortcut is the Escape key on the 9900 - nothing as so simple on the Z10.

    When transferring from one old BB to a newer BB (up to BB 7) I could transfer everything wthether (disable wireless sync on BES device) it was saved messages, memos etc. I like the option to keep emails on my device although were archived in my Outlook on my PC.

    None of my saved emails, memos, or very old emails were transferred to the Z10.

    These just for starters - I will persevere with the Z10 for a bit but if I dont see any good changes soon I will switch back to my 9900 until the BES5 dies...

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    02-16-13 07:05 AM
  7. proudtobe_bb's Avatar
    I would like to see these fixes:

    - settings app not to be so slow and buggy, when you click something it is slow and glitchy
    - phone app drops frame rates when you click the active frame, and is quite slow too.
    - sending multiple texts in a row isn't always possible, as when you press send there is a minor wait until it pops onto the screen and off the typing box.
    - replying to facebook messages within the hub sometimes doesn't work.

    On top of that really it just comes down to the apps that developers need to get into the app world! Plus the camera software could be worked on for nightime shots and a panorama feature. I also believe that the touch target for the 3 locked apps on the bottom ( ie phone, search and camera) should be bigger as they are quite precise at the moment and sometimes i have to press them twice before they open...
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    02-16-13 07:32 AM
  8. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    ive been doing a good bit of cpoy and pasting and im finding it very laggy for it. so if it could be tighented up a bit it would be helpfull.
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    02-16-13 11:23 AM
  9. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    The native FB app beds to have an edit post option. Thinking hold down post for action menu

    Posted using CrackBerry App on BB10
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    02-16-13 02:07 PM
  10. dracolnyte's Avatar
    the email threaded conversation view, small glitch there, - http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...rsation+glitch

    hub searching does not work consistently, for example if i want to search for a contact in text messages - http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...h+inconsistent

    double swiping required to unlock in hub whereas it only takes a single swipe everywhere else including bbm - http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...wice+to+unlock
    02-16-13 05:08 PM
  11. Bonnie Bonzai's Avatar
    I'd like to see everything mentioned previously - fixed ASAP and for by the time Q10 comes out and I'd like to see some of our BB apps such as BB traffic updated to work on OS10 plus quicklaunch or something like quicklaunch for OS10. I really don't want to have to rely on google for my calendar and contacts either.
    Nothing can beat BB traffic in my opinion.
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    02-16-13 06:20 PM
  12. tbkfan's Avatar
    Full screen option in the browser. With the trend towards fewer dedicated apps and more web apps, full screen would be great.

    Posted via CB10
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    02-17-13 12:26 AM
  13. bobo616's Avatar
    I would like to see:

    1. Individual contacts sms tones
    2. Lockscreen image different from home screen image.
    3. Pin active frame
    4. Able to hide files
    5. Able to password protect files
    6. Different led colour notifications
    7. Pattern lock
    8. Encryption for sd card
    9. Battery percentage showing at all times
    10. More control over options in browser such as turning off java script and just allowing some cookies
    11. Repeat notification tone
    12. Birthdays contact added to calendar
    13. Return top of website with a single tap.
    14. Being able to see how much data I have used
    15. Contact groups
    16. Blank homescreen
    Last edited by bobo616; 02-17-13 at 07:18 AM. Reason: Additional points added
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    02-17-13 06:23 AM
  14. BB-Marcus's Avatar
    Didn't spot these in the thread, although there is a lot to go through so apologies if someone has already said this.

    send to BBM in the NFC options tag

    custom profiles for priority contacts, very useful when in a meeting or sleeping - sometimes at the same time - and being able to only allow certain contacts to ring.
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    02-17-13 12:48 PM
  15. dracolnyte's Avatar
    in a text, email, or bbm, i am able to swipe to the right on the message to go back into the hub without having to minimize the keyboard and hit the "back" button.
    but whenever i am trying to share on another app such as browser, i cant do that same swipe to the right function to go back to what i was doing before, which was browsing the web. i always have to minimize the keyboard and then hit back.

    it is a bit inconsistent throughout the OS and a bit of inconvenience. hope to see this consistent throughout the OS in the next update
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    02-17-13 02:36 PM
  16. webber35's Avatar
    Fix the problem with scrolling through previous text messages. If I scroll too fast, my screen goes blank for a while until it's finished processing.

    Posted via CB10
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    02-17-13 03:54 PM
  17. Mwanahabari's Avatar
    Fixing the bug which shows Facebook birthdays as a day earlier than they are.
    Ability to remove Twitter posts from the hub without them coming back.
    02-17-13 06:02 PM
  18. NewfieCheesehead's Avatar
    Fixing the bug which shows Facebook birthdays as a day earlier than they are.
    *scroll to bottom*
    Birthday Reminders
    - change to on the day at 9 am
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    02-17-13 06:22 PM
  19. DuexNoir's Avatar
    This doesn't relate to the BB10 OS itself but BB World. I would like the option of listing apps based on Developers, price (highest to lowest, vice versa), ratings (highest to lowest, vice versa), alphabetize, most recent.

    Be able to physically move (touch and drag) an existing appointment from one day to another new day in Calendar and have the existing appointment automatically adjust to the new day and time.

    Have equalizers (preset and manual) features available in the native media player.

    Return the ability to create groups in Contacts!
    Last edited by DuexNoir; 02-17-13 at 10:25 PM. Reason: adding more
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    02-17-13 06:35 PM
  20. dracolnyte's Avatar
    in contacts, when starting on all contacts then filtering to anything else like bbm videochat or favourites then moving back to all contacts again blanks out the screen until action is inputted.
    02-17-13 06:50 PM
  21. koolrosh's Avatar
    Be able to manually rearrange tasks in the Remember App.
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    02-17-13 10:16 PM
  22. mathiex's Avatar
    I would like BB to be supporting Android Runtime 4.1, so i can install all my favourit apps and games, like Temple Run, Viber...etc
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    02-17-13 11:28 PM
  23. slagman5's Avatar
    I think when you swipe right from the hub to view the filters for what notifications to show, the button for the main "hub" meaning show all, should "hover" on the bottom of the row, not on the top, so it's easy to hit with your thumb while holding it instead of having to reach up to the top to press it. By hover I mean even if you scroll up or down the list if you have a lot of different notification types, the button for show all will stay there...
    02-17-13 11:52 PM
  24. jamieqq's Avatar
    I am sure these have been suggested however I would like to see.
    Note, I do not have a BB10 device (yet) so some of these things may exist already, however form my reading of rewiews I dont think they exist.

    Built in SIP/VoIP. On my current phone I can make a VoIP call directly from the default dialer by simply changing from a mobile call to a VoIP call.
    Automatic bedside mode, set by time.
    Automatic profile change, set by time.
    The ability to save maps for offline use and navigation, this is especially useful when roaming or travelling beyond a cell signal. Plus being able to have all the map download on wifi not as needed with mobile data.
    Have different volume settings for phone ringing and messages/email
    Custom ringtone/sounds for SMS

    These are probably more suited to an app but would be nice to have in the OS
    Profile changes by cell tower id / wifi network
    Ability to set the network mode by time (Ie go to 2G when I sleep to preserve battery or even disable the radio)
    Ability to turn bluetooth on/off automatically at set times, ie turn on for the drive to work and turn off when i am at work.
    -- My current phone is a N9 which has a good app for managing profiles etc, this is really where my ideas are coming from as I do find them very handy Nokia Store: Download ProfileMatic and many other games, wallpaper, ringtones and mobile apps on your Nokia phone
    The app runs as a service so you do not see it running anywhere which is why I think that they would also make for good system settings.
    Last edited by jamieqq; 02-18-13 at 12:25 AM.
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    02-18-13 12:12 AM
  25. Jordan Gibson1's Avatar
    in the native music app, if the lockscreen comes up when im driving, i cant use the up and down volume buttons by pressing and holding to switch songs. I would love to have this so i dont have to unlock the phone and risk dying.

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    02-18-13 05:09 AM
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