04-28-17 12:44 AM
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  1. George Cain's Avatar
    I want "auto on and auto off" like in BB7 OS.
    I want a way to permanently save emails to a folder like in BB7 OS!!!!!!!!!

    I am very annoyed with the email system in BB10! it suckes compared to BB7.
    why do I only see 3 days worth of my emails?

    I own a bold 9700 and the new Z10.

    BB7 was so vastly superior to apple OS and BB10. and I own an Ipad 3 which is awesome for net surfing.
    04-09-13 09:02 AM
  2. Foreverup's Avatar
    Really didn't think this would annoy me but not being able to access your connections from the lock screen is a pain.

    Should note that I have to have a password per company IT policy so getting in and out of the car and having to type my password in so I can turn on my blue tooth is just a pain in the ***. Especially, if I realize I didn't turn it on while I'm driving.
    04-09-13 09:09 AM
  3. tjoe's Avatar
    As an administrator I'd like to see the device MAC available via the Blackberry Administration Service.
    04-09-13 10:05 AM
  4. J09GTSGraphite's Avatar
    Not sure if mentioned previous or not, but when I deleted emails in my old Storm 9550 & 9530, had the option to delete on phone only or phone and desktop. I think now in bb10, that if you have the sync email option selected (which I do) then when you delete an email it deletes on the device and on the desktop as well. Sometimes I just wanna clear the email y device and review later on desktop.

    I noticed with bluetooth connected that the LED doesn't flash blue anymore when connected. So never too sure if I am connected including the car.

    I do like that wi-fi for the most part now auto connects, like on phones like iPhone. This is nice.

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    04-09-13 10:25 AM
  5. DStLouis's Avatar
    I want "auto on and auto off" like in BB7 OS.
    I want a way to permanently save emails to a folder like in BB7 OS!!!!!!!!!

    I am very annoyed with the email system in BB10! it suckes compared to BB7.
    why do I only see 3 days worth of my emails?

    I own a bold 9700 and the new Z10.

    BB7 was so vastly superior to apple OS and BB10. and I own an Ipad 3 which is awesome for net surfing.
    Go to your account settings > advanced > Sync Timeframe -> and at least set it to the maximum 30 days

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    04-09-13 11:18 AM
  6. Whyareallthegoodnamestaken's Avatar
    Sorry for not knowing of this thread before I created my own, I should have done a search. But here's the link anyway:


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    04-09-13 06:04 PM
  7. kc0003's Avatar
    I would like to be able lock individual albums in my photo folder. (For obvious and not so obvious reasons.) Or, at the very least, have some sort of generic icon instead or previewing what may be sensitive pics.

    also, like others, have the ability to delete emails from device only option.
    04-09-13 07:03 PM
  8. ianbordas's Avatar
    FaceBook request: on my old 9900 I was able to upload pics to facebook (yes we can still do that), however on legacy devices, you are able to upload directly to an album or just create one on the spot. Now on BB10, I don't see this option, all pics go to the same place... maybe not a big issue, but I loved to be able to create new albums per month or per special occasion. Hope this gets addressed too :/
    04-09-13 09:23 PM
  9. akraus88's Avatar
    Pasting in the dialer....

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    04-09-13 09:25 PM
  10. Foreverup's Avatar
    Send multiple pictures through BBM at one time.

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    04-09-13 10:01 PM
  11. chrispdm1's Avatar
    These are ones that I would really like to see as they are things that I notice everytime I use these certain functions.

    1. Ability to pin active frames, I would like to have what I want where I want it instead of everything reshuffling every time you go into a new app.
    2. More options for display of bedside clock (brightness, etc), ability for multiple alarms. I don't need multiple alarms, but the option would be nice, but the red analog clock is hard to focus on. I currently use the digital
    3. Screen brightness option on swipe down settings tab. Seems like it is buried to deep in the settings to be really fast and handy to change
    4. Option to tether or turn on hotspot on swipe down settings tab (or if there is getting to be too many things on that pull down tab, the option to customize one or 2). Same reason as #4. I only use my phone for internet at home so I am constantly either tethering or turning hotspot on.
    5. A different way to show the volume being turned up or down. I hate when I am in apps and adjust the volume only to have a good portion of the screen blocked by the volume box, maybe render it on the extreme side in a thin bar like graph.
    6. Text adjusting automatically to screen size on te browser. I loved this on my pearl and am missing it.

    And these are things that would be nice, but are not things that are really that annoying to me, just conveniences.
    7. Ability to have more than one page of tiles/apps in a folder.
    8. Ability to name an app what you want. (not sure if that would work well or not, I just would love to be able to change the name of the google maps app that I sideloaded from "Places" to "Google Maps")
    9. Ability to have apps run in the background instead of having to be active frame.
    10. Ability to change LEDs for profiles (either specific contacts or functions, i.e. BBm, e-mail, texts) I do this currently with an app, but would love to be able to do it within the OS
    11. More and better notification sounds. I thought it was bad enough when my Pearl upgraded from OS6 to OS7, but I am now thinking that OS7 was pretty awesome compared to 10. I currently have downloaded several audio files and use that to customize to my hearts content. But I miss all the old sounds from OS6 and OS7.
    12. Ability to have either a pin input or swipe pattern for phone locking. I don't lock my phone currently as the password is a little too cumbersome, but if there was a pin option with bigger buttons or a swipe option, I would lock it.
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    04-09-13 11:45 PM
  12. jarrodmeyer's Avatar
    An option to do in line email replies?

    I HATE top-quoting mail conversations, and I hope I'm not the only one.

    - Posted in CB10 on The Incredible Z
    04-10-13 02:01 PM
  13. sklotz2000's Avatar
    Multiple Alarm Settings... "Please?"
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    04-10-13 02:46 PM
  14. sklotz2000's Avatar
    Selectable (Scrollable) Snooze Times For Reminders... "Please?"
    04-10-13 02:47 PM
  15. sklotz2000's Avatar
    Delete Email On Handheld Only... "Please?"
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    04-10-13 02:49 PM
  16. sushistew's Avatar
    - multi alarms
    - ability to make folders within folders, and or more panes inside folder than just the one.
    - share feature for song name and title on facebook, twitter like "I am listeng to................................."
    - lock or pin active frame so it is not closed by accident
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    04-10-13 06:43 PM
  17. DStLouis's Avatar
    Oops wrong thread....
    Just delete it.
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    04-10-13 08:19 PM
  18. EarthyBerry's Avatar
    - option to only enter birth days and months, without adding a birth year. I don't know everyone's' birth year, nor do I want to guess a random year.

    - have the calendar colors I choose stay! Each time I change my calendar account colors, they return to default colors.

    - option to silent camera shutter.

    - having the option of adding more than one alarm.

    - have the option of automatically saving screen shots to sd card.

    - being able to see the upcoming "Remember" tasks on the active screen of the app.

    - having the option of hiding files without having to use some app.

    - being able to dial a phone number from a website by simply pressing on it.

    - having a more appealing lock for the phone itself, instead of the keyboard. Something that makes it faster, that reflects the beauty and flow of the Z10.

    - being able to edit contact information that gets synced to your contacts (because of syncing with social media, I know have 2 or 3 birthdays for certain people that I cannot delete in the contact card)

    - being able to select multiple files by either dragging or shift + the last files... basically without having to select each individual file before deleting.

    - make it so that once I "View" my missed call, it no longer stays marked as unseen for a while...

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    04-10-13 10:35 PM
  19. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    More notification options.... and BBM group options that are up to par with os7 group options
    04-10-13 10:38 PM
  20. EarthyBerry's Avatar
    Oh and one more thing... I'd like BBM to stop telling me that there are new updates from my contacts when there aren't. :-S

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    04-10-13 11:42 PM
  21. Psykotic.Engineer's Avatar
    I found something else, it may have already been mentioned: more than 3 possible numbed for a single contact, like before. There are plenty of people who have 2 mobile numbers!

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    04-11-13 12:40 AM
  22. Just_D0nny's Avatar
    If what I'm gonna mention has been mentioned before please forgive me. But it would be nice if we got an FM radio, streaming is expensive for some of us and we end up paying more since BlackBerry 10(Z10) itself uses too much data, well for me it does since I browse and socialise a lot.

    I'd love to see improved is the Camera, don't get me wrong we have one of the best cameras in the industry but can it at least be able to take Grayscale or Sepia pictures? An edited colour picture doesn't have the same feel as one taken in direct with Grayscale, sure the picture will be Grayscale too but not everyone can edit a colour to Grayscale perfectly. Can you add Panorama let's be honest, that feature is cool.

    Another thing is the Music Player, it's the best I've seen before but could you at least add equalisers? I'd like to change the equaliser according to the type of music I'm listening to. And can you please add support for .FLV, I liked the fact that I can play .mkv videos but was disappointed when I couldn't play .flv videos.

    Oh what's the use of having a 16GB phone but more than 50% is already used up. Isn't there a way system files can be compressed or something? Because I'm sometimes scared of installing more games and all. I ended up using my SD to save all my media and left a few downloads on the phone. I thought it would be easier since I had 16GB But it's not. I'd like to use at least 70% of it.

    Can you please add the ability to copy a number and paste it into the "Dial Box", sometimes when I get a message from a friend and with a recharge voucher number or something I can't copy and paste it. I have to enter it manually which takes too much time.

    One last thing for now, can you please make adding(installing) Android apps easy. If you've used an Android phone you've probably seen how easy it is to install .apk apps and games. It would be nice if we too could just install .bar files quick and easy just by clicking install and not having to side load them via laptops.
    04-11-13 02:38 AM
  23. vgorous's Avatar
    View screenshot.

    When in the middle of writing an email, I want to be able to peek into the hub, but be able to specifically select which account I want to peek into, by using my other thumb.

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    04-11-13 10:50 AM
  24. DStLouis's Avatar
    I found something else, it may have already been mentioned: more than 3 possible numbed for a single contact, like before. There are plenty of people who have 2 mobile numbers!

    Posted via CB10
    You should be able to add more phone number allready. I have many contacts that have more than 3 phone numbers.
    Just tryed it again and I stopped adding after 5 cell phone numbers, 2 work phones number, 1 home phone. ...you should be fine

    In your contact, > Edit > add field...(add phone number). You then find a new field box which you could edit the type, by clicking on it; then add your additional phone number.

    Posted via CB10
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    04-11-13 01:36 PM
  25. nathan62969's Avatar

    • I think I said it before, but I'm gonna say it again: Please return the ability found in 7.0 and earlier OS to copy contact info (like email and phone #) within the Contacts app! Is it a bug that one cannot do it now?! That information should be more useful than making contact or trying to remember -- like I may really like to copy/paste a piece of contact info to another place. Please. Thank you.
    • The older (7.0) OS made it able for one to see the artist/song/album more clearly when doing a search in the Music app.
    • MOREOVER, one could see the properties of a song in the Music app than now in 10.0! Please make it possible to access the properties of a song or album wherever one accesses the song in the Music app.
    • Why is it that the search function in the Music app is like 10x slower than it is in the Universal Search function (which is instataneous)??? Please speed that way up.
    • It would be great to, as with 7.0, have a sensitivity scale available for the touch screen. Like some times I have to swipe up twice or three times to unlock, or swipe more than once to get out of the hub.
    • When adding a new app, please make it added to the last screen. More likely that one does not want it on the first or second screen.
    • When moving one app from one screen to another, how about not making it show up at the very begginging/top of the list of apps on the screen it is being moved to, please?
    04-11-13 08:31 PM
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