04-28-17 12:44 AM
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  1. koolrosh's Avatar
    You can do this by writing the phone number in search. On the home button press the search icon and then start writing "762.." and the name of your contact should appear...

    I love on my Droid on we can just type a name from the phone keypad instead of having to using an address book. So, if I wanted to dial Sam from the keypad I would just hit 726 and that name comes up. So much easier than having to go through the phonebook.

    Posted via CB10
    02-26-13 09:15 PM
  2. koolrosh's Avatar
    I don't know if this is a bug or a feature:

    I have a number of contacts that I have synced from Facebook/ LinkedIn, but when I try to change the name to a custom name, it always reverts back to the Facebook name.

    Posted via CB10
    02-26-13 09:18 PM
  3. craaaazy_i's Avatar
    how to "select all " while broadcasting a message ?? how to select a group while broadcasting a message ? bbm famous for broadcast ...how could bb forget such an important feature in its bbm10 ........BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.....bb MAPS Sucks to the core ....! battery drains during active frame. z10 should have been loaded with atleast a 2500mAh battery to compete the current cellfone makers .... but its still far more behind .... call app should be always ON like old os ...here its like an application which has to load every time . favourite contacts should be on a different tab or any another innovative and friendly way . the current way is just to irritating. i love bb ... but bb10 has brought a lot of dissapointment as basic stuffs were not proper. i waited for a year ... and this is what i get ?? All this updates should be befor the release . but i stil hope they fix all the bugs and add all the needed features before their fans lose last hope .
    02-27-13 01:53 AM
  4. BoycieZ10's Avatar
    When using the keyboard for writing an email the send button is in the top right-hand corner and the return button is bottom right where you would expect it to be. However when writing a text they have put the 'Send' button bottom right where you would normally expect the return button to be. It is very easy to forget that you are texting and hit the send button expecting it to be the carriage return. I have sent a lot of unfinished texts already. For the sake of constancy could they not have put both send buttons in the same top right location?

    Whilst I appreciate that they are trying to push everybody towards Cloud and auto syncing etc, to remove the USB/outlook sync option without explanation is crazy, even the O2 Guru in my local store couldnt believe it. Some people need both options, particularly if their office systems are restrictive.
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    02-27-13 11:36 AM
  5. DuexNoir's Avatar
    Expand Print To Go functionality so that one can print to an actual printer from your Z10 or Playbook!
    02-27-13 12:20 PM
  6. Winner_by_TKO's Avatar
    1. Ability to zoom in on pics to apply as your bbm profile (currently only able to zoom out)
    2. No equalizer in the music player!! I think this probably bothers me the most as I LIVE for the bass boost. The music volume seems to be generally louder on the Z10, so it ends up sounding tinny. Needs bass in a bad way.
    3. Facebook app sucks. Please update asap--it's very basic right now.
    4. How the heck do you close tabs/windows in the browser?
    5. Need the ability to cut/paste phone numbers. On my Torch I used to be able to hover over the phone number, use the bb button to select it, then copy and paste into my contacts. The Z10 just dials the number if you try to click on it.
    6. Need ability to select all contacts when sending a bb broadcast message. T

    That's all I can think of for now!
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    02-28-13 12:53 PM
  7. R Field's Avatar
    Complied what I thought was the best suggestions and added some of my own. Kevin I hope your reading this and can submit this to the higher ups, Blackberry devs and make this happen. I love the Z10 and want to get the most out of it.

    - Needs native google map app
    - improve voice control
    - landscape mode for apps
    - add bbos features
    - add native apps like Blackberry travel
    - need native Youtube app
    - improve facebook/twitter features, limited at the moment.
    - able to assign different led colours/amount of blinks depending on notification type
    - more vibration notification options
    - data monitor
    - flash on/strobe for timeshift
    - direct feedback option integrated into OS to submit to blackberry
    - option for browser starts up to homepage
    -battery percentage option
    - enhanced music/video player features in and out of the media
    - able to go to the next message in the hub within a message without going back to the main hub
    - more options allowed from the pull down settings
    - customizable lock screen instead of wallpaper only
    - The ability to ZOOM in/out using timeshift
    -more sound notification options/ringers
    - ability to select all within the hub once you hold down on a notification/email/text
    -Bring back "Backup" in BB Protect
    - more peek selectable notification options
    - faster/easier way to select and cut and paste/copy kind of slow and dealing with a lot of notes
    - File management - ability to hide files/folders, password protect them
    Calendar Alarms and Multiple Alarms - need to be able to set multiple alarms
    - EMAIL icon (swiping gesture to get to Hub is a great shortcut, but there should be an EMAIL icon!)
    Guest profile or Advanced Parental Controls - similar to "BlackBerry Balance" work-profile, I'd like create a Guest Profile that allows me to select a list of apps available for Guest Profile. I don't want children or guest peeking into emails, text messages, fb, twitter etc. Just use it to make phone calls and play games. If they try to open Email - ask for a Parental password or ask to switch to regular profile (password protected)
    - Now that we've a decent quantity of apps on BlackBerry 10, it's all the more important to concentrate on quality of apps as well. Bring top 50 free, top 50 paid apps as native-apps to BlackBerry.
    - on lock-screen music/radio controls
    - ability to show other items on lock screen maybe weather
    - BlackBerry Link to sync with Outlook
    - larger notification when phone is charging
    - Integrated direct feedback option through bb10
    - automatic notification for OS updates
    - In Blackberry world a lot of apps that have reviews show as not having any ratings on preview lists
    - Finish making Android Jellybean support for BB10
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    03-01-13 06:09 AM
  8. rayliu23's Avatar
    Better looking Chinese fonts. The current Chinese fonts in the OS is really not looking good, I don't know if there are actually any Chinese people on the OS 10 development team, if there are, they are certainly either not doing a good job or they are aesthetically blind. Even OS 7 offers better looking Chinese characters than BB10. The current Chinese font really does not match up with the beautiful new Z10 device.
    03-01-13 09:02 AM
  9. LuayS's Avatar
    What R Field suggested plus see below:

    -Ability to add a specific time something is due in remembered application.
    -A Setting to enable auto switch to hub as main view when locked, so that we can use the cool unlock screen to peek at messages
    -Sound profiles
    -Led customization
    -Swipe up on running application to close (like playbook)
    -Pin application
    -Change default email color
    -Brightness quick setting
    -Change network quick setting (between LTE/HSPA/GSM etc - to save even more battery)
    -Double finger swipe to go forward or backward in browser
    -Hub invoke menu should have next unread or a way to sort by unread messages
    -Swipe top corner to show date time (like playbook)
    -Swipe bottom left to hide keyboard (faster than holding space, also like playbook)
    -Ability to select where to save file in browser should ask where to save (option to have all files default to download or have user manually select location)
    -Able to copy text in adobe
    -Convert pdf to doc and save doc as pdf
    -Keyboard left swipe delete, for emails to delete portions between symbols (as an option for those who want it)
    -Fix the delay between seeing contact names when launching phone app
    -Facebook sometimes won't send message or is greatly delayed
    -When calling and multitasking out and it begins to dial don't focus phone application again, there was a reason I multitasked out. It does this again when I hit a voice mail or someone answers.
    -Full 360 rotation of screen. For all aspects of os (facebook app videos as just an example)
    -Ability to mark calls as read without having to call them
    -Fix lag in launching phone apps, and other standard applications (performance tweak?)
    -Ability to view all user photos on twitter (eg. open facebook profile and have option to view all the users photos)
    -Ability to view profile picture of twitter user
    -Improve search, searching for word substitution doesn't find it within settings, this wasn't the case in BlackBerry os7
    -Ability to move pictures in picture app (don't want to have to open file manager to do this)
    -BBM- unable to make sent pictures bigger
    -Send text email or bbm or any format of msg to recent caller from hub (shouldn't have to open contacts app to do this)
    -Bridge (fix this, my playbook became useless next to capability of my z10)
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    03-01-13 10:05 AM
  10. EastCoastBB's Avatar
    Not sure if it has been mentioned yet but secondary SMTP server support. I currently have to either change the server I'm pointing to or disconnect from Wifi when sending email.

    Posted via CB10
    03-01-13 10:18 AM
  11. TheHK's Avatar
    There are two basic issues that MUST be fixed. Not tweaks :

    Caller ID does not work for numbers saved with international code. (you end up not knowing who is calling you even if their numbers are saved.)

    There is an issue with WIFI. Let's say you are at home (with wifi) leave the house and come back in, BBM will not work. You have to restart your device or switch airplane mode on and off for a bit until it works again.

    Posted via CB10
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    03-01-13 10:32 AM
  12. LuayS's Avatar
    There are two basic issues that MUST be fixed. Not tweaks :

    Caller ID does not work for numbers saved with international code. (you end up not knowing who is calling you even if their numbers are saved.)

    There is an issue with WIFI. Let's say you are at home (with wifi) leave the house and come back in, BBM will not work. You have to restart your device or switch airplane mode on and off for a bit until it works again.

    Posted via CB10
    Try turning on/off your wifi.

    I'm personally not experiencing this. What I think is happening is it isn't disconnecting your Wifi when you leave and when you come back it isn't re-connecting.
    03-01-13 10:51 AM
  13. s241's Avatar
    things i think that blackberry should improve in the next BBOS 10 update

    1. Ringtone & Alerts:
    Customization of profiles/ ringtones /renaming profiles for those who look for simplicty might like current profile however for those who always had blackberry devices and Customize thier profiles atleast give them the option for Advanced settings to customized alerts just like BBOS 5,6 & 7 for emails bbm calls at different volumes/alerts/led colors/ringtones /vibrate settings.
    add Alerts for Contacts - for those who are authorized contacts ,their phone calls or masseges can get thru even if phone is on silent
    add old ringtones the new ringtones have a considerably low volume tones even on highest volume settings

    2. Email:
    transfering emails from old devices this is very critical for many people, not being able to transfer emails from old devices is a 10 steps back for blackberry as starting with fresh blackberry does not make business sense even for business solutions.
    ability to CHOOSE Delete emails from PHONE ONLY or BOTH Phone and Server at least provide it as an option for those who want it enabled
    ability to keep emails more than 30 days and have an option for infinite time for example 30 days is basically not enough for anything whether its a student accessing group project information throughout the semester that was sent by classmates/teachers or Work related emails contacting clients( "i am sorry client i cant see your email sent to me 45 days ago on my smart phone , let me waste some time and go to my home/office/internet cafe /can i use your computer to check it ....in order for me to give you proper solutions"). from the customer perspective might view the device brand as an inferior product which is lacking in functionality.
    Forward email AS this is a very handy tool for sharing emails thru bbm , bbm groups, via sms ,facebook, twitter or PIN-To-Pin msgs
    provide an option to set emails to manually download attachments in order to save data usage

    3. Phone Calls & other features:
    Fix the Auto calling when trying to copy phone numbers from sms, bbm, emails , websites,will automatically dial the number instead of giving option to confirm the call
    during a call the screen dims and have to swipe up again to unlock device and end call
    during a phone call switching to check an email atleast have a feature to be able to hangup phone call( atleast leave a small button on top or bottom of screen during calls to switch to phone)
    Add UMA support for those who use wifi to make phone calls in areas where there is no network coverage
    provide an option to decline phone calls and respond with customizable text messages , location or transfer call to voice mail

    4. Bluetooth:
    fix bluetooth connectivity - fix dropped bluetooth connections with different devices
    fix bluetooth transfer of voice calls to other devices-for example if z10 is not connected to bluetooth device before the call,z10 will not let the end user switch to vehicle bluetooth even though the devices are paired and but was connected during the call

    5.Calender & Alarm:
    Transferring all calenders from old blackberry OS devices to BBOS10
    ability to keep calendar for at least 6 months in past and have an option for infinite time
    add audio conference profile in calender events
    ability to Set multiple Alarm setting one alarm and then 3 other calendar events does not make sense, for those who want 4 different alarms at different time intervals and do not want to set an event for every alarm

    it is important to be able to hide files such as personal images,files, documents, pushed applications and locking files or folders
    it is important being able to maintain personal privacy and security , some pictures/scanned documents/other files might contain confidential information or even personal photos that needs to be transfered to computer at a later time . no matter what pictures i try to hide in folders the system keeps showing the image preview of the pictures

    6. Music:
    add exclude specific folders/files for music because the player detects ringtones from media card under ringtones folder and plays them under shuffle mode; how interesting would it be listening to music and all of a sudden you start listening to ringtones ,also refer to Privacy tab above

    7. Data ,BIS & BES:
    give the option to have data compression for those who have bis as an option
    provide an option to view data usage that have been used on device

    8. PIN-to-PIN, BBM & Text Messaging:
    add PIN to PIN msgs for those who dont want to add people on bbm to chat this is one option for example i dont want my boss on my bbm but atleast i can still contact him via pin to pin
    fix general issues with bbm
    add carriage return for bbm and sms it is important for those who are trying to give directions ,list of things, or even an address; keep in mind some people still dont have data plans receiving sms from blackberry phones
    fix issues receiving/sending mms blackberry cannot accept mms from specific devices
    request high image resolution in BBM

    9. USB storage :
    fix USB storage not working on Windows and Mac not being able to access blackberry device memory(not refrerring to the additional SDcard) as storage device wanting to use blackberry for drag and drop flash memory or usb storage
    provide option when to choose charge only , use as storage only or connect and sync with bb link

    10. Application
    applications that require internet connection freeze when loading in areas with weak network signal

    there are probably more features i might have forgot to mention but i am sure others will provide more input on what features i missed that are essential for blackberry success

    if blackberry main purpose is marketing through word of mouth then they should
    create a unique selling proposition offering for their products by providing solutions ,innovation not limitation.
    03-01-13 10:59 AM
  14. Brubaker88's Avatar
    Compatibility with iPhone emoji when sending text messages to or from an iPhone. Also map compatibility when sending drop pins to an iPhone.
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    03-01-13 11:24 AM
  15. stavrich's Avatar
    Bring back all the OS7 email, sound profiles functionality.
    I want to manage, sort, search and keep on device for as long as I want my emails

    Bring back the blackberry individuality

    Is Blackberry looking at this or we are all wasting our time!
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    03-01-13 12:24 PM
  16. FSLMobile's Avatar
    I'd like to be able to change the name of the device for Bluetooth voice recognition (its BlackBerry Voice Control BlackBerry Z10 in-car Bluetooth integration with Voice Control | CrackBerry.com). Actually I'm not selecting it in a list : My Bluetooth kit is a french one with voice recognition too. It's amazing to be able to send a text message without even touching anything, but having to say the name in english with a french accent and with 3 words is a bit too complicated. it would be great if I can simply enter the name I want.

    PS : I love my Z10, and to me the urgent thing is to have notifications profiles as in previous BBOS (also taking into account In/Out of holster).
    03-01-13 12:25 PM
  17. chrysaurora's Avatar
    Bring back all the OS7 email, sound profiles functionality.
    I want to manage, sort, search and keep on device for as long as I want my emails

    Bring back the blackberry individuality

    Is Blackberry looking at this or we are all wasting our time!
    I hope so. I tweeted them link to this thread, and my wishlist thread a few times. There is also a thread on Official BB Support Forums (bug list/feature observations for BB10 on Z10 - BlackBerry Support Community Forums). Didn't get a reply but I am guessing if we tweet a few times, they'll look at this thread.

    If you get a chance, maybe you could get in touch with BlackBerry too (via twitter, facebook, or by leaving a comment on their blog) and send them link to this thread.
    03-01-13 12:29 PM
  18. nezr's Avatar
    - Headphones remote: Ability to double press to forward music; triple press to play previous music. Double press and hold to fast forward. Triple press and hold to rewind music.

    - Youtube Native App (no mobile website)

    - Profiles: Ability to create new profiles (Low/mid/high volume, etc)
    - Adjust Vibration setting (1/2/3 Vibration, etc.)
    - Ability to adjust vibration in holster

    -Device Password: Ability to have numeric Password only
    -Increase "Lock Device After" time. (current max 20 mins)

    - Ability to add/modify shortcuts to lower bar. (Currently phone, search, & camera are present)

    - To Top: Double tap top bezel brings you to the top of the screen.

    - Select More shortcut: Ability to hold one finger on a message and hold another finger on a below message to highlight all messages in between. (Current option: "select more" from side menu.)

    - Visual Voicemail
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    03-01-13 02:31 PM
  19. skeeter395's Avatar
    Why do we need BES to use balance? My playbook works perfectly with balance. We need balance without the BES.
    03-01-13 04:02 PM
  20. MSL91's Avatar
    Be able to copy/paste in the dial pad

    Posted via CB10
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    03-01-13 07:30 PM
  21. kkikker's Avatar
    here;s what I would like

    1. battery percentage reader.
    2. custom icons used for folder
    3. cram more apps in each folder (i dont like a games 1, games 2, games 3 folder)
    4. apps, apps, apps - why not ensure full compatibility with android apps - at least get native support & full integration for whatsapp, line and skype - also proper native support pls for instagram, tapatalk, booking.com, google earth, flipboard, house, ebay, pokerstars, catan, monopoly, civilization, risk (although the bars for line and whatsapp and flipboard work ok enough for me at the moment)
    5. when contact data gets populated by linking facebook and linkedin accounts - it should merge contact info back to my gmail contacts - not keep it seperate.. I love the way it syncs, but even better if it autopopulates address books on gmail by retrieving data from facebook and linkedin
    6. quicker boot times
    7. ability to set multiple alarms
    8. better profile management - custom set behavior, flip to silent
    9. photo album management - i dont want to see big on screen recent pics.. better sorting / viewing options.. quicker loading
    10. different pin / lock function that makes it quicker (why are sequences not allowed to set as pin), maybe a swype gesture to get into the phone
    11. ability to set behavior on buttons
    12. ability to have multiple timezones on homescreen (like home vs travel)
    13. wikipedia integration in search
    14. one side keyboard with small screen, one side touch screen - but that's just dreaming :-)
    03-01-13 08:50 PM
  22. KemKev's Avatar
    There is an issue with WIFI. Let's say you are at home (with wifi) leave the house and come back in, BBM will not work. You have to restart your device or switch airplane mode on and off for a bit until it works again.
    Can't relate as mine work seamlessly no matter where I am and which WIFI I am using at the time.
    03-02-13 12:55 PM
  23. jayrok1018's Avatar
    Hiding your private photos is at the top of the list for me right now.
    I recently found an app on android and converted it from android using apk2bar. Its called "Hide It Pro", but shows in your app list as an audio manager. You can see the details in the market https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...anuj.hideitpro

    The audio management features don't actually work on BB10 but the 'hidden' features work flawlessly.
    03-02-13 02:00 PM
  24. The_Original_Modifier's Avatar
    To be able to sort apps in bbw like legacy devices and playbook would be awesome. I.E. sort by name/ price/ developer etc.
    Last edited by The_Original_Modifier; 03-03-13 at 02:37 PM.
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    03-02-13 02:02 PM
  25. anon(5639363)'s Avatar
    I would like to see a way to have homescreen free of apps and/or folders. I would also like an option to autohide the top and bottom toolbars on the home screen. I would like to be able to have a completely clear view of whatever wallpaper I have on.

    I would like it not to kick me out of a folder when I exit an app in that folder. For example I have a folder for news apps and sites, and I like to peruse through them one after the other. As it is now every time I exit an app, I have to go back to whatever page the folder is on, and re-open the news folder.

    When one's phone is password protected, I feel the keyboard comes up too easily when you first swipe. I have my name and home number on the lockscreen in case I lose the phone, but anyone picking up the phone won't see that due to the keyboard coming up so easily from the initial swipe.

    I would like to be able to set multiple alarms via the alarm clock.

    I would like to be able to set different ring tones for different contacts when they text me.
    03-02-13 02:43 PM
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