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    Just a thought of tired mind, but..

    What if BlackBerry could start a GSM network (even if virtual)in countries where they are selling their products?
    What if BB make strategy to offer free BB2BB calls?
    GSM rent could be paid by income from (already)overpriced hardware sales.
    I think that would not be the problem to maintain deals that are already made with cellular networks like T-Mobile, etc.
    by supply them with Android based HW (ie PRIV, etc.).

    Within BB own GSM network I see space for BB10.
    There is a lot of markets that buyers get the phone outright and then pick up a contract.
    Reasonable HW quality/price ratio and lot of people could be driven close to BB (and free calls of course).

    In this circumstances BIS could be profitable again too.
    You pay for internet connections only.
    And maybe BBM Video would bloom when cross-platformed.

    Wouldn't that be attractive/-ing for Devolopers, give grow and attention to BB10 as it's deserves?
    Wouldn't that make PRIV and the following AndroidedBB special amongst another Androids?
    Wouldn't that be a chance for entry-level entry-priced phones or strategy for winning emerging markets (no pun intended, imperfect English at most)?

    Wouldn't that be some way to take things together for once?
    Not closer to yourself BB. Together but expanding, searching, thinking, asking questions, making decisions that doesn't start and ends in BB shareholders pockets. It doesn't even working (as Stock Market shows in overall view).

    There is no room for BB10?
    Oh, no! Those bullys An and iO won't let me play with them.
    What BB (as a parent of clever but still young BB10) should do?
    Dress it up to look almost like An?
    And let it pretend to play with them?


    Make space for BB10 to play in other playgrounds, with others new and fresh technology friends.
    Global BIS connected IoT?
    Wouldn't be that something worth investing/-gating?
    Make iO and An jealous by playing smart, different and with other toys, not like a bully, but like a flexible, clever and full of potential young BlackBerry Family heir.

    I'm not an economist, I've never was, and probably never will be a CEO but I like to think ahead in optimistic but cogitative way. Ideas presented above neither are thoroughly thought nor estimated for profitability. It's only an example of creative thinking of tired non-CEO guy that tries to ties up every goods in BB with one shot, one idea, one question:

    What if?

    That question is base of human evolution, progress and success!
    It was base for company known for innovation. Known as RIM.

    Imagine what could do a CEO, or someone who actually have any experience in mobile business.
    He can be fresh and rested.
    He can take his friend who gets paid for that and brainstorming.
    And all theirs ideas doesn't have to come overnight.
    And issues doesn't have to be taken away by one stone.
    There is no creative people at charge?

    And even if they are not that creative can't they at least benefit from competitors experiences?

    I've seen it before with Palm and HP and most of all webOS.
    None of them exis in mobile business any more.
    To stay there BB have to start thinking optimistic but cogitative, Link, no, Blend, better... Unite, Connect their assets.
    Hardware, flexible OS, server-based infrastructure, cellular carriers connections (as they are), Ford deal.
    Alleged IoT supremacy.

    LG bought a webOS from HP.
    Why not licensing BB10 to them (or another big player) for smart TVs?
    BB10 on 50"? Gesture based?
    I forgot.
    We could just make all of our assets (above) look like they are our weaknesses and see how Stock Market will react.
    Buy a company, sell some patents, lay off some employees, tell everyone that you care and your own OS is good and healthy as always and HW is in good condition as well, but release no BB10 phone next year and (maybe)one Androided.
    Believing that none of supporting buyer and user doesn't remember PlayBook story.

    I wish I'm wrong.
    I wish BB make it.

    I wish my BBZ30 will last as long as An and iO leave the playground as they grow old.
    Making space for kids and teens to play.
    Or BB10 to comeback .

    I wish.

    Berry, what is more fruitful? Keep asking enthusiastically "What if?" in anticipation of tomorrow or sadly "What if?" in reference to yesterday?

    So I wish BB would be "What if?" of tomorrow!

    From tired head guy,
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    02-17-16 02:31 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Wishing and dreaming... nothing wrong with that.

    But the realities...
    02-17-16 03:13 PM
  3. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    GSM rent could be paid by income from (already)overpriced hardware sales.
    You've already lost it right here. There are no hardware sales profits to pay this "rent" - and you are vastly underestimating the cost of this "rent." Currently, BB loses around $100 every time they sell a BB10 device. It's hard to fund anything with loses and debt...

    Besides, there's a lot of overhead that comes with being a carrier, even a virtual one. And with all the competition out there already, I can't see why BB would want to do this.

    You're only thinking in terms of what would be good for YOU (and, perhaps by extension, for BB10), but you aren't being realistic about how bad it would be financially and otherwise for BB and for BB's investors/shareholders.
    02-17-16 07:17 PM
  4. the_igg's Avatar
    Hahaha what a whole lot of patooey aka dung.

    Posted via CB10
    02-17-16 08:00 PM

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