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    I think when most people are looking for a new phone they want to see what an OS can do or cannot do instead of reading through all the thousands of reviews out there. Well, this is my attempt to list what i do like or dont like about each OS.

    A bit about me: Am a computer engineering student, so yeah I do have a technical background. Am a self proclaimed phone nerd, love having the greatest device. I have owned every single Iphone since they started making one all the way up till Iphone 5. My first android phone was the nexus one and currently have the GS4/HTC One. Blackberry, have always wanted one but never got around to getting one till 2 weeks ago when I got my hands on a Z10, which is my regular phone now.


    What I Like:
    - Simple to Use – my grandma uses one.
    - There is an app for everything ( literally everything)
    - The phone does what its supposed to without complicating things.
    - Easy to replace a non working phone at an apple store as long as u are in warranty.
    - Looks pretty, Nice OS layout ( even though its dull now) and really well made hardware
    - Good camera
    - No OS or app slow down with time.
    - Great app support
    - Apple services work seamlessly like Imessages, facetime, icloud etc.

    What I don’t like:
    - Everything that apple puts out and claims is an innovation came out a year or two ago on android and other OS’s. Heck old Nokia Symbian phones can do things that iphone can not. Yes apple implemented it in a better way but that functionality should have been from the beginning ( MMS anyone), what about the finger print scanner ( do we really need that ??)
    - Is it me or did the call quality drop with each iteration or im just getting older and harder to hear.
    - Apples closed garden approach – has really worked for them but I paid for it its mine let me do what I want to do with it.
    - Anyone and everyone has one – its everywhere
    - No customization options, can only change the background- seriously apple??
    - Notifications are really pathetic, compared to other OS’s
    - Battery Life is subpar, at least for my usage
    - No way to increase storage


    What I Like:
    - Loads of customization options, you can change anything and everything about the OS
    - Dozens of hardware and vendor choices
    - Custom Roms
    - Google services and apps work perfectly on android
    - Almost all apps that are available for IOS are available for android.
    - Increase storage via sd card

    What I don’t like:
    - Every single android phone I have used slows down to a crawl after sometime and needs to be restored.
    - All the gimmicky stuff installed by vendors and carriers ( I know it can be removed but not everyone is comfortable with doing that )
    - Malware ( yes there is a lot of it out there )
    - Complete reliance on google for everything.
    - Most apps are stripped down versions of the IOS ones, don’t look or work the same way.
    - Google already knows too much about me, using their OS, now they know everything.
    - OS fragmentation, never know when you will get the latest OS unless you root.


    What I Like:
    - BB10 is definitely a step above and beyond android and IOS, loving how the OS works.
    - There seems to be no slowing down on the OS and gestures work perfectly ( in the time I have spent with the device)
    - The HUB, integrates everything in one place.
    - Notifications ( toasts)
    - Notification LED
    - Very fast browser, In my test it was faster than safari and chrome.
    - Virtual keyboard: takes a little getting used to ( 2-3 Days) but when you get used to its as fast as a hardware keyboard.
    - BBM ( should be coming to all devices soon )
    - Call quality is better than any device I have ever used, this alone should be a good enough reason to get a blackberry after all the most basic function of a phone is to make calls.
    - Amazing battery life
    - Add more storage with a SD card

    What I Don’t like:
    - There really are no apps available, if u have used an android or IOS device u are used to using some apps and most of the commonly used one are still not available. I know we can always sideload android apps or use the browser but they do not have the full functionality. I would love to see the following apps come to BB10 as native apps:
    o Instagram - currently can sideload
    o Actual working Facebook app - current one is like the first facebook app for IOS
    o Bank apps: Wells Fargo / Bank of America. – no native bank app from the two big banks ? seriously, alternative is to use the browser or download an app called check.
    o Google apps: Gmail, Google Voice, Google Maps, Youtube, drive, wallet– Use the browser or sideload ( some work)
    o Social Networking apps: Skype, Tinder, whatsapp ( native app sucks), viber – need native apps
    o Pandora
    - Contact Link and Sync is messed up, contacts go missing every now and then and some apps wont even see contacts, such as whatsapp and viber.
    - Awesome Email integration and I do understand not syncing emails older than 30 days but I should be able to search for an email older than 30 days why the hell can I not do a search on server.
    - OS has some quirks, but then again it’s a very new OS needs time to mature.
    - Lackluster camera, I think this has more to do with the software then the hardware because sometimes it takes amazing pictures.
    - Notifications get stuck at times.
    - Calendar items go missing.
    - Video playback at times is choppy and whats with the different layout of buttons for different websites, it should be standardized as it is on IOS.

    Well that’s all I can think of right now, feel free to add more to the list or bring your perspective for/against any of mine.

    I do see a bright Future for BB10, its going to take a while but it is a better OS then all those available currently. People say that BB needs to put out more devices but I completely disagree with that the current devices are good enough. What they need is better support from application developers, that’s something they need to get on ASAP. Otherwise BB goes away the same way WebOS ( palm) did. They also need to fire the entire marketing division and steal some marketing geniuses from apple.

    Current Devices:
    BB z10, running the later 1754 leak
    Iphone 5: IOS 7
    HTC one: rooted with 4.3
    09-21-13 12:05 AM
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    * Hardware
    * QWERTY keyboard
    * File management in email
    * Swiping gestures
    * BBM (moot tomorrow at 7am)


    * The rest

    The poor, thoughtless programming, bugginess, whatever you want to call it has driven me to the breaking point. Some examples that come to mind without thinking too long on this:

    * Phone dialing problems (cut/paste, international, etc.)
    * Windows 8 Watchdog violations
    * SMS recipient entry
    * SMS deletion
    * The entire Contacts app
    * Copy/paste overall is just bad
    * BlackBerry Maps is simply abhorant in every way
    * Emails clocking on send
    * Hub bouncing up and down, jiggling on email send

    That's just thinking for 30 seconds.

    I like the occasional app, but the availability for BlackBerry was never a deal breaker for me. (Just moved this sentance to the bottom of my post from the middle, and it took me three tries. Would take one try and 3 seconds on an iPhone, and half a second on a BB07 device). The horrendous software killed it for me.

    Posted via CB10
    09-21-13 12:34 AM

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