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    I hear constantly about the "battery saving" benefits of using a holster or sleeve with a sleep magnet. So what exactly does it do besides turn off the screen and lock it?

    As far as I can tell, it doesn't initiate the "battery saving mode" of 10.3.1. So what the heck does it do? Or is it just a marketing thing.

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    05-23-15 12:39 AM
  2. mad_mdx's Avatar
    It turns off the screen. That's it...
    05-23-15 12:56 AM
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    Just turns off the screen and makes sure it stays off. Doesn't turn on for any reason, even accidentally pressing the wake button, as long as the magnet is in contact.

    Display usually does take up most of a device's battery life.
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    05-23-15 01:03 AM
  4. double_fault's Avatar
    I have a magnet case and it definitely closes the screen.

    But I always wondered if it had any other battery saving function.

    I gather from this thread that that's all it does. ( basically the same as using the top button to close the screen....)

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    05-23-15 07:01 AM
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    They also have another critical function: they allow the phone to perform differently based on the status of in case or out of case.

    This is a sore subject, as the lazy engineers at BlackBerry have, for some mysterious reason only known to Bigfoot and the Lock Ness Monster, chosen to not write a few extra lines of code exactly like they've had in pre-BB10 BlackBerry's for many, many years. So, BB10 phones must use an app, to kind-of, sort-of re-create the amazing features of the holster profiles found in pre-BB10 phones.

    It worked like this: If your Normal profile has a setup to vibrate and then make a sound while IN the holster, you can also have it perform differently...in the same profile....if OUT of the holster. So, out of holster it just doesn't vibrate (you don't need to feel it) it just makes the sound, perhaps on your desk, etc. Or you could set it up to have every alert vibrate only if IN holster and every alert make a sound only if OUT of holster. In pre-BB10 OS's each of these conditions could be set within each profile. So you don't actually change the profile as the phone goes in and out of holster, it just acts differently.

    Also, if the phone was in holster and vibrated in a situation where you don't want it to make a noise, you could just reach in and pull it out of holster which would then silence all audible alerts before any sound happened. You would never have to remember to change to vibrate for meetings, etc and never forget to change back to sounds either. This was incredible as I barely ever missed any alert due to not feeling the vibrate while walking or not hearing the sound in noisy environments.

    However, due to it's existence on the "Official long list of things BB engineers failed to include that made BB great", the features described above are simply not available out of the box in BB10. At all.

    Soooo.......some other app makers have (once again) come to the rescue with their first aid kit to patch up BB's holes. But they didn't really do it as well. For example, in Power Tools, you can have the phone recognize if in or out of holster, and then simply change from one profile to another. It does NOT change how any particular profile performs, it simply does a wholesale change from one profile to the other. This results in the user having to design an entire profile for when the phone is in holster (does vibrations, etc) and another for when it's not (more sound centric). The major drawback is that this eats up one of your few valuable profiles that Power Tools can even recognize (it can only see ones native to the phone). And, it's also subject to failure because anytime you re-boot the phone this feature stops working until you delete Power Tools, re-download and re-install.
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    05-23-15 07:32 AM
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    Wow thanks for the great explanation.

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    05-23-15 07:36 AM
  7. dgzagm's Avatar
    ReadLightBlinking, I feel your pain. I have been waiting for years for the holster profiles. I asked our sales rep about them when I first got my Z10 and he said it was on the roadmap, 2-3 years ago.

    Also, the apps don't work very well. On a daily basis I wish I had the holster profiles when I get a vibration and a loud beep on every BBM in a chat. I find myself setting the profile to Quiet during the chat, then to find later that I missed a call because I forgot to set the profile back.
    I'm not sure why more people don't complain about holster profiles being missing in BB10. The magnets are there, so why not?

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    06-17-15 07:45 PM

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