1. Lildego2's Avatar
    I have auto-uploaded With Radio .1155. However the Volume which has been well documented is much lower than I had been running on my T-Mobile Q10

    The question is, If I left this OS on the Q10, once the correct/ Official 10.3.1. xxxx updates come out with a larger number, will my phone update correctly to the larger number. I have heard it wont and I would have to go back to

    Also being on Tmobile and that 10.2 stated above as being their official release, does anyone know if Wifi calling would work in the future 10.3.1 updates? As it is disabled currently with the I have on now that I auto loaded.

    The terminology confuses me, I believe it is the Official leaked 10.3.1 I have is for devs? Correct me if I am wrong. Meaning future updates shouldnt be an issue?
    01-01-15 01:21 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Have you been able to go back to 10.2? If you stay at 10.3 you will be able to update when an official comes around.
    02-09-15 01:59 PM

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