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    I haven't installed any leaks yet but what does the "radio" represent in them? Every OS leaks seem to reference the it but if the radio is part of the OS, why reference it at all?

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    The stack of code that does the actual communication with cell towers

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    12-27-13 11:52 PM
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    The stack of code that does the actual communication with cell towers

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    So on the 1925 leak, the radio is 1899 for the Z10. Is there a 1925 leak with a different radio "version"? Is it something I need to take into consideration before installing a leak?

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    12-28-13 12:08 AM
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    Someone on here who dabbles in the actual building of autoloaders might be able to answer this better than me, but I believe from the two days I followed the original thread of the 1925 leak, (after that it was just too big), the consensus was that the 18xx radio file you speak of was the latest radio for a z10 that was available when 1925 dropped.

    That said you can always pull out the radio from any other z10 autoloader using sachesi and then sideload that onto yours if you so desire

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    12-28-13 09:08 AM
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    Normally you don't need to consider it unless you are facing a specific problem related to the radio

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    12-28-13 09:09 AM
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    Xavier was close, it's the firmware which controls any wireless communication hardware which could be the cellular, wifi, bluetooth radios.

    If the radio firmware is too old or does not work well with the OS, you can run into problems with voice not working or data not working as we've seen in past leaks. If a specific radio is 'buggy' then the OS has trouble controlling it with that specific firmware version. The radio is installed separately from the OS and can be installed/upgraded/downgraded independent of the OS without affecting the data on your device like loading a full OS does.

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    12-28-13 10:58 AM
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    Thank you for the responses. I do have a better understanding of it now.

    Does the Settings show which radio i'm currently on?

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    12-29-13 01:50 AM
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    Yes it does, go into settings > about (or whatever it's called in English in German it's info) and choose OS from the drop down menu. Scroll down a bit and there you have it:
    What does the "radio" in OS leak represent?-img_20131229_123009.png

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    12-29-13 05:31 AM

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