1. JuiciPatties's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I know there can be a whole number of reasons why apps would terminate or close, but I guess I'm trying to understand the most likely reason why I'm seeing my apps terminate and see if I can rectify it. What I have noticed over the last month or so is that I have a number of apps that I have running and I notice at times that they have terminated and no longer work. I have to restart them and at times I have to restart my phone. There are about 4 apps that I have this issue with:

    1) Enterprise IM -- I am on my employer's BES and this app is in the workspace. I assume it runs headless as I usually just sign-in and even if I close the application, I usually still get IMs sent to the phone. However, lately, I have been seeing that I have been signed out and i'm not able to sign-in again unless I reboot the phone.
    2) SMS to EMail Pro -- this app worked well for me for a bit and then I also noticed that it would also not be running. I would like at my device monitor and notice that the app was not showing within the CPU tab (which I have interpreted to mean it has stopped running). I would open the app again and keep it in active frames for a few minutes, but when I close the active frame, the app terminates. I would have assumed it would still run in the background, since I gave it permission to do so.
    3) XTreme Wallpaper -- similarly, this app works fine when it is running headless. But again, there are times when it stops working and seems to have terminated. However, for this one, it seems I can open the app again and keep it as an active frame, and when I close the active frame, it seems to run headless again.
    4) Secure Antivirus Pro - Seems to run fine headless and there are times I stop it because it seems to stop the "posting" of pictures to the "picture app".

    So, sorry, for the long message. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is what is causing some of these apps to close on their own. What is signing me out of Enterprise IM? What is causing XTreme Wallpaper to close on its own? Why doesn't SMS to Email Pro continue to run on its own and not active again when opened?

    Any thoughts? I'm running a Verizon z30 on the Bell network. Currently running
    Let me know. Thanks.
    01-08-15 02:52 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Maybe your phone runs out of free memory and the app closes on its own?
    01-10-15 10:50 PM
  3. JuiciPatties's Avatar
    Yeah, thanks Jaydee. That's what I was thinking as well. Is there a baseline statistic somewhere that tells me ideally how much common processes should be using? Maybe even the typical range?

    Right now, I only have about 676MB of free memory. From what is being used by the "common processes", this is what I'm showing:
    System - 412.5MB
    PIM Services - 108.6MB
    Blackberry Hub - 76.4MB
    BBM - 62.3MB
    Phone - 35.3MB
    Input Services - 30.9MB
    Enterprise IM - 28.1MB
    Whatsapp - 12.4MB

    If anyone has any insights into this, I would appreciate it.
    01-13-15 10:57 AM

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