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    The other mobile OS'es don't have physical keyboard options. If they did, then your assessment might have merit. The main factor in people switching away from physical keyboards is because they're looking to have more app options (not necessarily more as in quantity, but more /options/). Among BlackBerry users, who are given a choice between both types of form factors, keyboards win out, as poor sales of the Z10 have shown... or rather, there wasn't a significantly greater number of people who wanted the Z10, enough for a 2:1 ratio BlackBerry was hoping for.

    I will agree amongst BlackBerry users keyboards may win out. But isn't the point of a company that makes phones is to sell as many as possible. So if you only sell keyboard phones (which again have proven do not sell very well) then you are catering to a very small market. That is fine if that is the business BB wants but It will always be a niche phone.

    You mind as well transition to another mobile OS now because we know what's coming up for 2015. There's no "just slab" phone. The slider is about as close as you'll get to updated specs for a slab, if that's what you're after.

    The slider phone could very well be the best of both worlds and could very easy be a wonderful replacement for the full touch BB users. That is why I am holding out as long as I can to see what this thing is all about.

    Your office is not the type of market BlackBerry is after at this point, in terms of selling hardware. They're out for large volume deployments done by business, not BYOD, which is your office.

    My company deals with some of the largest companies in the North America and I rarely ever run into someone with a BB the majority have made the switch to something else. I don't agree that all these people have made the switch cause they want apps. They have made the switch cause A) apple is fashionable. B) android has a million phone options to choose from. And have many phones that are cheap to buy in large QTY C) Once you make the switch it is very hard to bring them back cause you have already invested in another eco system. why start from scratch.

    There's always been the issue of marketing, but what's the point of general marketing if the devices aren't targeted toward consumers? And the devices aren't really for sale at carriers (mainly in the U.S.)? It seems like BlackBerry is content with direct to business, as in doing business to business sales.
    04-14-15 07:44 AM
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