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    First off, I want to preface this by stating that what I write are my own opinions, and that I understand that people use and view BB10 in their own unique ways.

    While this topic is certainly nothing new, there has been a lot of activity lately regarding BB10 and Android. Most of this has been in regards to the very recent ability to now download .apk files directly to your BB10 handset and install them with the need to side load. Not only that, but the new Android run-time has opened up BB10 to most, if not the majority minus a handful of apps. There has also been rumors of a BB10 and Google Play Store marriage as well as hopes/desires for BlackBerry to go Android completely. I understand the excitement of being able to run what-ever Android apps on BB10, I got a couple myself, but all of this hyped-up Android-on-BB10 brouhaha that is currently going around makes me wonder not only for the future of BlackBerry, but for also the future of the BB10 user.

    I began using a BlackBerry handset years ago when I needed a "pocket organizer" when my Sony Ericsson was not powerful enough. I loved it. So much so that I did not get with the hype of the iPhone, even though I was (and still am) a Mac fanboi. However, I was interested in the G1...probably because I was on T-Mo at the time and could just switch out my SIM card into which-ever phone I wanted/needed to use. I ended up owning a few Android handsets...up until about a month ago when I gave my last, and newest, one to my mom.

    I do not think BlackBerries are the best phones on the planet. In 2007, yes, perhaps. But now, no. I also do not think that BB10 is the best, or more advanced, mobile OS out there. I've used, use, and will continue to use a BlackBerry handset so as long as there is at least one that fits my needs. I simply use BlackBerry (and BB10) because it is the best solution to my mobile needs. Essentially; BlackBerry's way of doing things fits the way that I want to do them, too; better than any other handset/mobile OS out there.

    BlackBerry is a unique experience, much like iOS and Windows Phone, but one thing that I noticed with the the few Android apps that I have been using....a few since yesterday...is that they operate, and look, like Android apps for the most part. Now, this shouldn't really be that big of a deal, but for me it is becoming one. I don't want an Android phone, period. And I don't want "Android apps" to look like Android apps. Granted, this would change once these apps become BB10 apps, too, just like the "same" app for iOS and Android has the look and style of how that should look on the respective device.

    I have been thinking lately just how much the BB10, BlackBerry, experience will change the more (...and more) BB10 becomes Android. It seems obvious that many posters on CB want that, or wouldn't mind in-the-least. My personal opinion is that BlackBerry should just wait for the apps to come to it. I believe in the end that would make for a better experience.

    As for BlackBerry adopting the Android OS, I do not see this as good thing and do not think this is what is necessary to gain more sales. To the average consumer, they are not on an Android phone or an iOS phone (but, always on a Windows phone ). They are on a Samsung, or iPhone, or Droid, or HTC One, or Razr, etc., etc. To the average consumer, an 100% Android BlackBerry is still going to be a BlackBerry. Period. I am sure, also, that RIM knows this and that is why they did not use Android as the base for BB10...initially, anyways.

    Personally, I would rather support App World, give my money to developers that develop for BB10, and run apps that were designed to run on BB10 even if they were simply "ported over".

    I have a feeling I am the lone dog with all of this, though....
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    11-16-13 06:03 PM
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    I, like a lot of early BlackBerry users, came from the PDA crowd too. I don't have a problem with being able to access Android apps, as long as it doesn't drive the OS.

    So far, that doesn't seem to be the case. I think BlackBerry learned from the Z10 that trying to chase Andoid or Apple isn't going to work.

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    11-16-13 06:12 PM
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    Sandboxing Android and leveraging their app ecosystem is a brilliant use of Google's open source OS against them... all the while retaining BlackBerry's own operating system. I don't see an issue with it.

    I also don't see BlackBerry going fully Android anytime soon.. how in earth these forum pontifications become gospel truth I will never understand... but thus far this has never been heard from anyone at BlackBerry... it is simply somebody on a forum suggesting an option that they feel would help...

    #GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228
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    11-16-13 07:45 PM
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    My belief is that without being able to say "we have solved the app gap problem", BB10 cannot survive.

    If they were Microsoft, then they could weather decades of losses as they slowly build (or pay developers to build) an ecosystem that would attract developers en masse.

    BlackBerry does not have the luxury of an insanely rich parent company. The only way they can close the app gap is via Android.

    Once the app gap is closed, then I think they have a shot again (I'm not saying this will be easy or is guaranteed). If it all works out, then people won't be so afraid to get a BlackBerry phone since they know they will be able load up all the apps they had on their last phone, but also get the features of BB10 (BlackBerry needs to push it's security here and make reference to privacy issues and the NSA etc...)

    If more people buy BlackBerry phones, then developers have more incentive to build native apps (since there would now be a decent BB10 user base).

    The problem with the idea of BlackBerry going it alone WITHOUT Android, and trying to build app world, is that too few people care to make native apps with such a small user base. And the user base is small largely due to the app gap. Bring the user base and you refresh interest in the platform.

    As Alec Saunders said, BlackBerry is in a "chicken or the egg" situation (i.e.: no apps = no users = no devs = no apps = no users =...), and Android is the chicken (or the egg, depending on your philosophical views!)

    Your proposed solution is the "ideal" and I wish that it could have worked out like that , but BlackBerry already tried your idea this year and the results didn't pan out (as we all painfully know). They have run out of "ramp" for "Plan A" (your idea), and now have to do something radical (and YES -- it IS a bit desperate, but the fact is that BlackBerry is in a desperate situation!)

    So I agree that your solution would be the best, but I don't think it's at all realistic and the track record for that idea speaks for itself -- very badly.

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    11-18-13 12:57 AM

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