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    To start with, recently I noticed a complete change in my routine and habits that happened quite naturally and organically which prompted me to think about it this way, coming from being glued to my mac laptop...

    - I use it to collect and store lots of different information that I can go back to at any time and move freely around various places in a fluid way.

    - I keep a music collection in it, and while sharing the music I have, I can also see what other collections, such as friends and family have to listen to.

    - I use it to browse the Web and download content from older sites and/or the latest html5 sites. When I have to leave home I can take it with me to download virtually anything I want that might be too large and time consuming for my slow home connection.

    - I can do a lot of different communication on it/with it, from emails, to social networking, messaging, video calling and even phone calls!

    - some times when I'm caught out and find myself leaving something at home, I can call back to home and retrieve what I need from there relatively quickly, almost instantly.

    - When I get real busy it will juggle multiple things easily and help prevent me from loosing momentum. I can take it every where I go.

    - It emulates foreign environments quite well indeed, it's almost like it's some sort of hybrid self learning system that can almost very easily adopt to its surroundings.

    That would be a very close description to my Laptop and what I use it for. But instead of it being my mac laptop, it's my Z10.. that is fast taking care of a large proportion of work that I've so heavily relied on my mac for. And it's doing a real good job of it too, so good that I didn't even notice the change in my habbits until I had to stop and think about how little I'd been sitting at my home desk.

    Brand bias aside, I feel like my phone/device/gadget wtvr is actually what I would consider close to a real 'smartphone'. A smartphone because it's doing a lot of tricky work constantly, using smart ideas to navigate complicated tasks,
    Thinking more for itself and beginning to inch away from the need to require input to call an action. Stretching beyond current everyday bounds and learning to communicate with other machines with less restrictions while generally maintaining a reasonably sturdy balance, so on and so forth.

    What's your thoughts?

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    01-15-14 06:03 AM
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    Very nice!
    My z10 has almost replaced my pc's since I'm always on the move but once I get to my desk then my design jobs take place on my pc.
    I can't imagine juggling everything on any other os!
    Further more I have no idea how people live without a file-manager on their "smart" phone. (ios).
    Also being able to access my pc over the air without a 3rd party app has come in so handy!
    01-15-14 06:14 AM
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    OP, you are not alone.
    As to what it is, I'll tell you:
    It's thinking outside the box (referring to BlackBerry team behind BB10).

    They said NO to the (idiotic) trends and made an mobile OS that is not "money cashing cow", but with the business user in mind, integrating most features in the OS instead of relaying on 3rd party apps. Things like flashlight that doesn't shut off when you close the screen, apps that don't close unless you close them (limit of 8) - all that gives the controls back to the user. I like to say that Android and iOS control the user.

    I have been waiting for this OS since Nokia N95 and the time when Apple "killed" the mobile computing.
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    01-15-14 07:18 AM
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    Yes! I remember the n95 being quite powerful for its time, blackberry integration, productivity functions with a stable and reasonably deep OS!

    I'm really glad that I get the option to use BB10 and as well for the reasons you spoke of - it's almost like innovation has been forgotten for how little I hear the term being used these days, while real innovation is happening right here with the new platform, that's awesome.

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    01-15-14 07:49 AM
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    I like my z10 and all but I really don't see how it can be a replacement for a laptop or a pc.
    I know different people have different needs but if I tried chucking my pc out and use only my z10, my z10 would not last long.
    But if you truly can do that then good for you
    Unfortunately it's a long way off being an option for me

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    01-15-14 10:25 AM

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