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    I have found that my Z10 + mail server integration ends up setting a Date: line in the mail header without the GMT offset (i.e. -0500). This explains my own timestamp issues - I suggest checking your own raw mail headers to see if you have the same issues.

    I'm not sure if it's my Z10 or my particular mail server's Active sync implementation causing the issues.

    I can't say categorically if it affects all shipping versions of the firmware, but I just confirmed on my Z10 bought on the first day of availability from Verizon in the USA, with all available software updates, that it is mal-formatting the Date: field. As you mention, it is leaving out the UTC offset string, which then makes that field non-RFC2822-compliant.

    Some email servers will try to correct that field if they see a problem with it, which is why the timezone offset issue may vary depending on which email servers it is passing through.

    Verizon is still shipping 10.0.9.X code on the Z10, though with a very high OS version, perhaps they back-ported some 10.0.10 bugfixes to the 10.0.9.X codebase to avoid some 10.0.10.X bugs. (ie the outgoing SMTP bug which may be unrelated to the Date: field problem)

    Most VZW Z10's seem to be on Software Release / OS Version: right now.
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