1. cvendra's Avatar
    I found something very weird today. I had forwarded an email with an attachment through the hub. However the email got forwarded with a wrong attachment. I tried again, this time checking the attachment before sending. The attachment was right, but when sent, it attached the wrong file. Strange thing is that the filename was Ok though.

    Anyone had such issue?

    Z10, STL100-1,
    11-17-13 07:15 AM
  2. psarna's Avatar
    Did you change the account while forwarding the email?

    Happened to me once, I forwarded an email received on one account and using the second account and the attachment and quoted email was not the one I was forwarding. It was some other email from second account, though while composing the forced email it showed the right text and attachment.

    Posted via CB10
    11-17-13 08:17 AM
  3. cvendra's Avatar
    Yes I did change the account. This seems to be a bug then.
    11-17-13 09:03 AM

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