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    We have an commerical internal social media platform called Jive (our version is called EXN). There is no BB10 Jive app, and so far, I'm unable to get the Android app to work on BB10 (10.3.2, Passport). The folks running the Jive site for us asked if I could get to the site via web browser, so I tried going to EXN and got the following error message "the site is not trusted", but I can make an exception, which I did. Then it takes to toward the single sign on page of Launchpad (company internal stuff), with an error message "site blocked, ID'd as a security risk, as the certificate to ID auth.launchpad.nasa.gov has not been verifed by a trusted source. Also the certificate for this website might not be valid."

    When I asked the local Jive folks what type of certificates we use, the answer was "NOCA instead of Entrust". Any advice on how to make an exception for NOCA certificates?
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    08-24-15 01:50 PM
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    Find out who the root CA for the certificate is and load it into the device if it is not already there.

    Z10STL100-3/ SR
    08-24-15 03:40 PM

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