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    I think porting a different webpage render engine and js interpreter could be done, but it wouldn't be a trivial effort. Perhaps the best would be simply starting with webkit as it already has some bb10 patches to it. I would prefer the chromium or firefox codebases but porting either of these without funding (or a lot of time to spare) would be doomed for failure as a LOT of things might need to be adjusted to the blackberry platform.

    If it had been easy, BlackBerry folks would have done it

    Other devs, feel free to jump in the discussion, if any of you already tried something...?

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    07-31-17 06:02 AM
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    Why don't you guyz giving us a BlackBerry app updates. There are few apps available on BlackBerry world as well as on Android but not updated here in BlackBerry world. Like Paytm, Kotak Mahindra bank Ebay,Snapdeal & many more apps. So , kindly give us a update plz.

    Guyz I need your support. Plz support this thread to make this problem visible to BlackBerry team.

    Thanks & Regards

    Hey I know your asking for BB10 apps to be updated but I would like to offer you a temporary solution. I use an app called Yalp Store. It pulls apps from Google Play Store so it's safe and I have just found an app called Whatsup Messenger that is basically Telegram but runs much smoother on the Passport then the original telegram app.


    Correction and apologies. I had to uninstall Whatsup due to the ads and battery drain. Phone was getting warm also so I just went and installed the latest version of Telegram. Living with alternatives.
    Sorry for the misinformation guys.

    ***Hammered out on my Precious (BlackBerry Passport) ***
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