04-20-17 01:37 AM
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  1. pcares's Avatar
    I would love to have a new BlackBerry 10 device with all the bells and whistles and by that I mean all the security and apps. I want and a bigger phone.

    Appreciate the help
    01-14-16 11:42 AM
  2. ohaiguise's Avatar
    The current devices - Leap, Passport, Classic (and in some countries Z30, Q5) - are still perfectly fine to be sold for another year or more. You won't see great success just by rehashing the same tired old thing but with a newer CPU.
    01-14-16 11:50 AM
  3. hobgoblin1961's Avatar
    current BB10 devices are perfect to run another few years, don't hesitate and treat yourself with one you fancy

    Posted via -Classic SQC100-1 / 10.3.++
    01-14-16 01:17 PM
  4. AllanQuatermain's Avatar
    Hi i am a happy Blackberry BB10 owner and it would seem a member of a minority group, my Blackberry phones meet my personal needs at present, even when there is no further support from Blackberry the phones will continue to function, just added two Passports to my collection a Black and a Red one, I still use Q5's Black/Red and Q10 and will continue with BB10 for a few years yet. a Passport running Android would be worth a try but probably will never appear.
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    01-14-16 02:20 PM
  5. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    This, and only this, is what I was referring to. I was fully supporting the OP. You must have misunderstood my comment.
    because the denial in some of the others is not a healthy thing.
    What exactly qualifies you to decide where the line that denial starts at is, and if it is healthy or not?

    01-14-16 03:58 PM
  6. Al moon's Avatar
    reasons to love bb10 still,

    less time wasted doing unproductive shenanigans leading to more time to have actual real conversations with people, go to the park with the kids and i still get all my work done which leaves me with enough time to sit at a cafe for a bit with an old friend.
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    01-14-16 04:00 PM
  7. David Tyler's Avatar
    Please chime in if you are a HAPPY BB10 user, who is not bitter about Blackberry's foray into Android and who is looking forward to a minimum of another year (and probably > 2 years) of BlackBerry support for BB10 with the currently available handsets.
    That'd be me. I bought an AT&T Z10 as soon as it became available, and loved it so much, I bought an unlocked Z30. Now I'm using the Passport SE. I've loved all three phones. Bitter..? <shrug> I'm not sure why I would be; I paid my money, and BlackBerry sold me some phones. Nice ones, too.

    1. You enjoy using BB10, which meets all your essential needs for the foreseeable future, and you're not concerned about the lack of continued development of either the Android runtime or new features, or the waning interest of third party app developers.

    2. You don't spend significant time worrying that you need to switch to another mobile OS in the next year or two.

    3. You don't much care if BlackBerry releases a new BB10 phone because the current Passport/Classic/Leap offerings are sufficient for running BB10.

    4. The launch of the Priv doesn't upset you. There's no reason BlackBerry shouldn't pursue the largest segment of mobile device users.
    1. I assume app developer interest is "waning," but mostly because it seems to make some intuitive sense; however, the apps I use get updated, and new Built for BlackBerry apps show up. I have no idea whether or not dev interest is actually "waning," and there's nothing I can do about it either way. Again, nothing to complain about here....

    2. Well, I confess to having looked into the Windows OS -- permissions management, etc -- but no, I don't lay awake at night, staring bleary-eyed at the ceiling with a haunted expression on my face.

    3. I do kinda care if BlackBerry NEVER releases another BlackBerry 10 device -- I'd love it if something comes out in 2017, but if I can at least put a fresh battery in my Passport in a year or so (or buy another one, if not), I'll get by.

    4. No, I don't really care. I pretty much despise Android, but the Priv seems to be a hot seller for BlackBerry.

    Do I wish Chen would have put more energy into creating some mystique and cool around BlackBerry 10 instead of developing an Android phone? Yeah; that's the way I would have done it -- but I checked my messages, and he never asked me. Do I hope "BlackBerry 10 is quietly waiting in the background to pounce?" Sure, I always hope for the best. Sometimes it doesn't work out.

    Bla1ze writes "even fans of BlackBerry 10 can't agree on its future," and that's no mystery to me: Posters in this forum can shout their opinions about the future from the rooftops, spewing the heat of their convictions in misty clouds of metaphorical spittle, but -- NO ONE KNOWS. Plenty of room for everyone to be wrong.
    01-14-16 05:00 PM
  8. wingnut666's Avatar
    happy with BB10? I absolutely love it. would not/could not use anything else. i've tried the alternatives and they are pathetically inferior.

    but it boggles my mind that the company i'm loyal to would first turn its back on, and then maliciously sabotage the product that I love.

    the latest update seems designed to create frustration and despair among BB10 loyalists....corporate suicide. what does Chen stand to gain by killing blackberry? i'd like to know.

    Posted via CBX
    01-14-16 05:13 PM
  9. anon(8063781)'s Avatar
    I'm a very happy BB10 user, although I also happily use BBOS and webOS as well.

    Even if I switched to android, I'd be on AOSP and using F-Droid for apps.

    So at this point, I have a Q10, which will still see two more updates than the average android burner, can run cascades and F-Droid apps, and has a great keyboard. I'm good for the foreseeable future.

    When the inevitable demise of BB10 arrives, I'll shift permanently to LuneOS.

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre3 using Forums
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    01-14-16 05:23 PM
  10. anon3969612's Avatar
    yup... it just works.
    01-14-16 05:30 PM
  11. ubizmo's Avatar
    I've been using my Passport pretty much exclusively for the past few weeks and enjoying it. The Marshmallow nightlies I've been using on my OnePlus One have been a little shaky until the last few days, so the Passport is more reliable at the moment. It's a great phone.

    When the Passport no longer gets the job done, for whatever reason, I'd like to get another BlackBerry of it makes sense. But that will certainly be an Android--maybe the Vienna. But for right now BB10 is working fine.
    01-14-16 05:31 PM
  12. anon(9742832)'s Avatar
    You are right, when you keep your OS 10 phone you go in eyes wide open. I love my Passport and my company after a start is not moving at this time to Priv. We have allowed those with the Priv's we bought to keep them, but at the moment its not ready for us in prime-time just yet. I look forward to the new updates that may clear up some of these issues. If not we stay with OS 10, its working fine for the moment and the Apps that have updated (with new Run-time) are working just fine. The day will come when we have to make the jump, but until then live long and prosper OS 10.

    01-14-16 05:38 PM
  13. BBerryPowerUser's Avatar
    Me? Happy with BB10?

    Well, let's put it this way. I STILL use a BB07 (9900) on my business line and I'm STILL very happy with THAT. BB10? I'm truly very happy staying with it. It does 98 percent of what I want it to do elegantly and without me thinking about it, and I didn't think I'd adapt because I was such a loyal Bold user. But I have migrated and eventually I won't mind giving up my Bold on the Business Line for a BB10 device. I'm not an Adroid fan for Business as it's MY business and I decided to stay with BlackBerry.

    What does BB10 not do that I need? It's missing one key App. My Banking App. I'm not quite comfortable trying to jury-rig (side-load or 3rd party load) anything because so much is at stake when it comes to your financial institution. So I use the Pay-As-You-Go Droid for depositing checks into my banking account where there is a properly cleared and fully supported App for my Bank. Otherwise, BB10 is flawless.

    Yep, I'm happy. and I'm not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. End of story.
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    01-14-16 05:47 PM
  14. BerryRipe's Avatar
    I'm extremely happy with my Q10 and Z10! I was using a feature phone before I ever used a smartphone (Curve) so no matter what happens I'll be better off than I was then. With that said when the day comes that my Q10 no longer gets the job done and I am forced to another os I will miss BB10.

    Change is the only thing in this world that is consistent.

    As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17
    01-14-16 05:57 PM
  15. mcne2001's Avatar
    Very happy with my Passport SE.... always a gib fan of BlackBerry... tied the change to Priv and switched back.... and YES I really tried to get used to the Priv.
    Still hoping for a next BB10 phone or at least a creative solution (e.g. Open sourcing BB10)...

    A happy BB1# & Passport-User

    Posted via CB10
    01-14-16 06:15 PM
  16. joeyjcasilla1's Avatar
    Very happy with bb10

    Posted via CB10
    01-14-16 06:22 PM
  17. Steve L4's Avatar
    I'm very bitter about buying blackberry products only to have them abandoned within a year or two. What other company keeps doing this?

    Posted via CB10
    01-15-16 12:15 AM
  18. Bernard Gauthier's Avatar
    BB10 Rocks!

    01-15-16 12:40 AM
  19. BlackQtCoder's Avatar
    I'm with you, my friend.

    Posted via CB10
    01-15-16 01:03 AM
  20. playfoot's Avatar
    Happy. Content. Satisfied. Sated.
    01-15-16 02:34 AM
  21. hobgoblin1961's Avatar
    BB10 just nothing else

    Posted via -Classic SQC100-1 / 10.3.++
    01-15-16 03:07 AM
  22. JulesDB's Avatar
    I don't think we are minority.

    There's a lot of BlackBerry10 users out there that don't take part to forums like this. We all forget that one of BB's bestsellers is the Z10, mostly still in circulation.

    The people of Crackberry.com is a small sample of the population, we simply can't always take it as as the whole Berry population...

    Posted via CB10
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    01-15-16 05:03 AM
  23. 10_z_no gimmick's Avatar

    Z30, STA100-2 /
    01-15-16 05:33 AM
  24. bb10adopter111's Avatar
    I'm very bitter about buying blackberry products only to have them abandoned within a year or two. What other company keeps doing this?

    Posted via CB10
    I understand. I'm sorry that you don't feel BlackBerry has met your needs. Just recognize that many of us don't feel that way. Regardless of the future, my BlackBerry 10 phone has kept me happily connected to coworkers, partners and customers, as well as the Internet in general when away from my desk. Blackberry has met all of my expectations, and I am reasonably confident they will continue ro do so for the next 2+ years. I keep phones for 3+ years, so, as long as they work for that time, I've gotten my money's worth.

    Posted via CB10
    01-15-16 06:38 AM
  25. anon(9742832)'s Avatar
    Lets not forget the important players rarely make a change. What do I mean by important, I am talking of those of us in the corporate world. I have many friends in fortune 500 companies that have BlackBerry's with phones running OS system way behind the curve. For them moving to OS 10 would be a big jump. Those of us who use OS 10 tend to be a more conservative lot. We don't run out every year to get the newest shiny ball of tin. We tend to take the attitude if it works, why change. In the cell phone world people are starting to wake up from the Apple inducted panic of I need a new 700 dollar phone every year. Now to be fair my company did take the new Priv out for a spin, we bought a large amount of them to test. They are a good phone and might be the future for BlackBerry, but then again they may not. We just found that in the Corporate world it was not ready yet to be a daily driver that works all the time

    In the end the panic about OS 10 is just not right, the OS is going no where fast and with a little tinkering from BlackBerry will be around for a long time. Just take a deep breath and remember, you bought the phone because you liked something about. Just stick with that, remember the phone in the other guys hand may not be what you want either.

    I would like to say one more thing, those people who went with the new Priv, are not the same group who chase after the newest Apple phone every year. They wanted the apps and the security of a BlackBerry running on the most popular OS around. But like those of us who stayed with OS 10, this is more about not being the same but the same but different. BlackBerry people tend to be a serious lot and that's what makes us different. We like our phones, and buy them for that reason alone. OS 10 might not be the most shiny ball of tin around, but its still one of the best!

    Different by design!

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    01-15-16 08:28 AM
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