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    No need to close it.

    Posted v
    08-17-13 10:15 AM
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    Incredible... I was just about to provide my input on the waiting room thread and as I was about to hit post, the thread got closed. Guess I'll have to open a piggy back off this new thread to have my input heard in this community! What I was trying to write was....


    I think the recent backlash towards this new leak world that we're living in was inevitable. The world is made up of all kinds of people so to expect a 100% harmonious thread where everyone is in support and agreement with the current process that the Berry Leaks crew has implemented is unrealistic.

    I think some of the points that Gueste makes are valid and I do not think he's a troll. Do I agree with all of his points? Not necessarily... but that's the beauty of a forum COMMUNITY.... people should be allowed and encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions. That's why I was a bit disappointed to see the separate thread that Gueste started about the "team" closed (UPDATED: And now the waiting room thread for is also closed!)

    When you have a team such as Berry Leaks which has grown organically out of a community of forum posters that begins to gain traction and a following, you'd better believe there will be a population of readers out there whose numbers are just as large with an opposing view. I think it's perfectly acceptable to open a separate thread to discuss the merits of the Berry Leaks squad as long as none of the comments result in any personal attacks on the team members. There's always constructive feedback to be extracted from these types of threads. Will the feedback be appropriately framed and provide the right context? Not always... but that's the price you pay when you interact with people on the internet instead of face-to-face.

    My personal views on the current leak process is this... I LOVE the leaks. And I am extremely grateful that they exist and that the BL team so enthusiastically shares them with us. The first 10 hours of a new leak are so exciting with all the buzz on the forums. I also have no issues with the team teasing us with early info of having a new leak and dropping a screenshot here or there. It builds buzz and anticipation and gives us something to look forward to.

    So how would I change the current process? Easy. I would set a date for when the leak would drop. People love seeing movie trailers and teasers; but what makes the wait bearable is knowing when the movie will be released. And when the studio can't meet its release date? It updates the public with a revised date. I think if the BL team were to do the same thing, the amount of vitriol and animosity that gets tossed around these forums would decrease.

    Anyways, just my $ 0.02. Thoughts?
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    08-17-13 10:19 AM
  3. jimpilot's Avatar
    I gotta agree. .we were having a lot of fun and other than a guy or two who wanted to complain there was no issues.

    Summary shutdown seems a bit heavy handed
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    08-17-13 10:19 AM
  4. citystars41's Avatar
    maybe he closed it to open the leak thread?
    08-17-13 10:21 AM
  5. Zolutar's Avatar
    You guys need to knock it off and let the team do what they do. if you continue, they will leave and then we're back to being screwed with nothing.
    /end rant
    08-17-13 10:21 AM
  6. nyallj's Avatar
    Yeah man. Lots of fun, and sent me on a Refresh Page rampage thinking he closed it to post the leak! LOL, the excitement is crazy.
    08-17-13 10:21 AM
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    Pretty sure there's a policy your not supposed to call out a mod, your supposed to PM then or another MOD to discuss what the problem is or email them ect.
    There's rules for a reason

    Posted from my Z10STL100-3/
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    08-17-13 10:24 AM
  8. howarmat's Avatar
    The other thread was closed for a reason. Its never a good thing to then call out the moderator. You can easily PM him and discuss the thread in question.

    From the Forum Rules and Policies which everyone should have read
    Forum Moderation Team

    CrackBerry.com's owners and administrators trust that any action that a moderator does will follow the above guidelines, so please respect them, as they are volunteering their time to keep this site fun for all to use.

    Do not post complaints about Moderators. Crackberry has the highest regard for individuals who volunteer their time to be a moderator. Every day, our moderators read through hundreds of threads and posts, and all decisions by them are final. We trust that any action that a moderator takes will follow the above rules and guidelines. We have a zero tolerance policy for any insults/attacks toward forum moderators. Please send a PM to a Moderator if you have questions about a locked or edited post/thread.
    08-17-13 10:36 AM

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