1. whofrank's Avatar
    so my blackberry z10 got a fault with both the proximity and light sensor. I booked it in with phones4u repair as its still in its 12 month warranty period and off it went for 3 weeks. anyway the phone came back today (after apparently going to blackberry themselves for repair) with the exact same problems.

    I went to phones4u who said all they could do was send it into repair again. i wasnt willing to do this because of both the wait time and the fact blackberry couldnít repair the problem the first time even though they stated they had. I was told my only other option was to ring customer head office. i rang them and the guy on the phone said they dont have ANY blackberry in stock any more and so couldnt replace my z10 like for like or even with another blackberry.

    therefore i was offered one of
    - s3
    - htc one
    - s4 mini

    i could speak to anyone directly at blackberry over the phone it seems. i therefore have taken the htc one because its worth the most and i plan on selling it immediately and buying a sim free z10 as i can pick them up for cheap here now. therefore i'll make money. i also asked phones 4 u to refund this months bill which they have.

    this is ok for me but anyone wanting to replace your broken blackberry with phones 4 u good luck. they dont even sell them anymore.
    11-22-13 09:18 AM
  2. Spawn12's Avatar
    Well mine is almost out of warranty with them, having bought it in Feb of this year but thankfully its never developed any issues even after dropping it a few times as well.

    Sadly ive retired it to the drawer now as i just recently bought the better Z30. Will still keep the Z10 as a backup just in case.
    11-22-13 09:22 AM

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