1. Zam Z10's Avatar
    so i have the "camera cant be started" issue on leaked OS 1925 on STL100-1, and have tried all possible solutions that i have read, reload leak OS, reload previous OS, wipe wipe wipe, restore after OS install, dont restore etc etc. . .

    I have read that a camera.bar file from a previous/older OS should be sideloaded, can anyone assist with an older camera bar please. .

    Its my daughters birthday soon so would love to use my Z,

    thanks in advance

    01-13-14 03:41 AM
  2. redchilli88's Avatar
    Hopefully you'll have more luck with this one.
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    01-13-14 05:55 AM
  3. Zam Z10's Avatar
    thanks ,

    which OS is this from?
    01-14-14 03:59 AM
  4. redchilli88's Avatar
    Can't remember, but I think it's the one with auto-focus. It was extracted by another forum member, unfortunately I don't have the source link.

    You have nothing to lose by trying to side load.

    If it still doesn't work after side loading and rebooting, I would suggest you do a factory reset and then test the camera. If it works, you'll at least know it's not the phone or the official OS. You can keep it as is until your daughter's birthday. Then try again the latest leak or wait for the official 10.2.1.xxxx "hopefully" to be released by the end of January (1 year anniversary launch of BB10).
    01-14-14 04:56 AM
  5. Zam Z10's Avatar
    hopefully we get the official OS by then,

    thanks anyway for the assistance
    01-14-14 07:07 AM
  6. redchilli88's Avatar
    01-14-14 08:00 AM
  7. Scott Ayo-Okhiria's Avatar
    I have similar problems so I downloaded the link above but it won't install on my phone

    Posted via CB10
    01-18-14 03:57 AM
  8. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    I have similar problems so I downloaded the link above but it won't install on my phone

    Posted via CB10
    01-18-14 07:40 AM

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