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    Let's create a post including some of our favorite wallpapers! Some of mine:

    Wallpapers for BB10-8cfb3c3e-eba9-429c-b236-fc92c0583b27.jpg

    Wallpapers for BB10-2016-01-09-10.05.31-1.jpg

    Wallpapers for BB10-unspecified.jpg

    Wallpapers for BB10-lang_hero_large_2x.jpg

    Wallpapers for BB10-phillips_hero_large_2x.jpg

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    Attached Thumbnails Wallpapers for BB10-img_20160114_133016.jpg  
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    01-24-16 03:04 AM
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    "The last photo uploaded wrong"

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    01-24-16 03:06 AM
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    My favorite wallpaper
    Wallpapers for BB10-img_20160124_140045.png

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    01-24-16 02:01 PM
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    Wallpapers for BB10-img_20160124_153243.png

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    01-24-16 02:33 PM
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    I have Pooter Mobile and Decor apps, best wallpapers I've found. Love these 2 apps.

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    01-24-16 02:54 PM
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    Wallpapers for BB10-img_20160114_125929.png


    iPhone 5 16GB Black
    01-24-16 03:17 PM
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    Some BlackBerry wallpapers

    Wallpapers for BB10-blackberrylogo.jpeg
    Wallpapers for BB10-crackberry-blackberry-image.jpg
    Wallpapers for BB10-crackberry-blackberry-image-fruit.jpg
    Wallpapers for BB10-crackberry-image-2-.jpg
    Wallpapers for BB10-img_20140806_091244.jpg

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    01-24-16 04:57 PM
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    Wallpapers for BB10-1409042187646_336110.jpeg

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    01-24-16 07:24 PM
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    Wallpapers for BB10-black_metallic_268a8578bdcae6b6eb42dfca9de86207_raw.jpg

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    01-24-16 07:36 PM
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    01-25-16 12:51 AM
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    for Z30

    home screen
    Wallpapers for BB10-abstract-z30-41.jpg

    Wallpapers for BB10-abstract-z30-41_lock01.png

    Wallpapers for BB10-cubes_homescr_720x1280.png

    Wallpapers for BB10-cubes_locksrc_720x1280.png

    Wallpapers for BB10-black-z30-38.jpg

    Wallpapers for BB10-glitter_shine.jpg

    Wallpapers for BB10-igrushki-makro-fon-prazdnik720x1280.png

    Wallpapers for BB10-tyres-shina-wheel-koleso-dozhd_720x1280.jpg

    Wallpapers for BB10-wallpaper-lg-g4-1440-x-2560-qhd-9.jpg
    01-25-16 01:16 AM
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    Wallpapers for BB10-bkx5k.jpg

    Calm down. I'm just gonna bite you
    01-25-16 09:47 AM
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    Wallpapers for BB10-1336430788875633253.png

    Calm down. I'm just gonna bite you
    01-25-16 10:05 AM
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    Wallpapers for BB10-2015-12-09-16-07-45-33.png

    Wallpapers for BB10-2015-12-09-16-08-02-25.png

    Wallpapers for BB10-2015-12-09-16-08-44-33.png

    Note: I make all my wallpapers blue. This is because I realized that too many colors disturb the screen with the active frames.
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    01-25-16 10:34 AM
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    I am quite surprised that's most of these wallpapers are not square

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    01-25-16 06:11 PM
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1409042187646_336110.jpeg 
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ID:	388955

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    Because this needs to be posted more than once. Damn.
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    01-27-16 07:33 PM
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    I like this one.

    Wallpapers for BB10-121688551.jpg

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    01-27-16 07:37 PM

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