1. mikefletcher85's Avatar
    Our company just switched all of our BB7 devices to BB10. There were some users that were switched from Android and iOS devices. We have various mainframes that users can connect to with their PC's via Terminal Emulators (replaced VT Terminals). I did some reading before I came here but I was hoping I could get more light shed on the subject.

    In order for the users to access the mainframes they would need to be on our internal network. Our BB10 devices are set up with Work Mode. When in Work Mode they are able to access our internal pages.

    Android/iOS users were used to using Mocha's Telnet Lite (I cannot post links yet, but you can search the respective stores to see the app). Their devices are on BB 10.2 and I understand that they can easily install Android APK's. But from my reading is seems that there is currently no way we can install APK's in Work Mode. Is that right?

    If I cannot use the APK in Work Mode, does anyone know of a Terminal Emulator/Telnet app that could be loaded in Work Mode?

    If not, would anyone happen to know if there is a service that could be hosted on a web server that the BB10 devices could use the internal web browser to access the VT session? This is kind of a long shot to ask here, but just in case someone here has a similar setup.
    08-05-14 08:24 AM
  2. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    There are a number in BlackBerry World per my search.

    You are correct in that the Android run time is not supported in the work partition. But have a look at what BB World has. You may find something you like. Unfortunately it can be difficult to find out which is an Android port and which isn't.
    08-05-14 01:22 PM

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