1. BlackBerry z10 cristi's Avatar
    Hello everyone.. I want to use a app for Vpn.. I dowland from Google play cobalt.. an it not work... I use the app another phone and it work.. the app it ,,web tunnel,

    12-12-17 11:07 AM
  2. sweepstor's Avatar
    Okay, I need some additional information and some translation.......what type of phone are you trying to use web tunnel on? If it is a Z10 you will want to check that the vpn service supports IKEv2. If it does and the app simply won't cooperate with BB10 then try downloading the ca certificate and manually configuring the vpn in network settings.
    12-12-17 03:16 PM
  3. BlackBerry z10 cristi's Avatar
    It for unlimited trafic internet.

    12-13-17 02:36 PM

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