1. Matthew S's Avatar
    I loved the keyboard on android phones since whenever you pressed a key, the phone would vibrate. Why is this not implemented in Blackberry 10? I honestly have to say that I prefer the android keyboard due to the vibrating response everytime a key is pressed. It doesn't seem like a hard thing to implement in BB10, who else wants this?
    04-06-15 10:40 AM
  2. pttptppt's Avatar
    I actually disabled that on every android i had. Its so annoying imo
    04-06-15 12:01 PM
  3. Thorsten Heinsight's Avatar
    Oh god, this feature sounds worse than Keyboard Feedback Volume... As far as I know there is no such feature on BlackBerry devices.
    04-06-15 12:19 PM
  4. Sir Reaper's Avatar
    The vibrate on key press on my S3 was a very nice feature, however the reason that it had to have it is because the Android keyboard is so terrible and difficult to type on. Since I've had my Z30 I can type much faster and tremendously more accurate, having said that I do however have the key sound on because it helps me to type. I was seriously hating all touch phones until I used the Z30.

    Why Blackberry? Because I can!
    04-06-15 12:23 PM
  5. pharandemahesh's Avatar
    Also it drains a lot of battery... every time you press a key motor turns on... think about it
    04-06-15 02:23 PM
  6. anon(2313227)'s Avatar
    Vibrating is not really a good response. The storms 2 screen actually was a haptic feedback clicking.

    Posted via CB10
    04-06-15 02:26 PM

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