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    Hi everyone,

    In the last few months, nothing has changed with my setup. I'm still running an older OS as I didn't want to move to 10.3.3 given some of the issues I was hearing and there weren't any major updates for the consumer side. I'm currently running OS version on my unlocked AT&T Passport, but running on the Bell network in Canada.

    I have noticed lately that when recording videos through the BlackBerry camera, everything seems fine. I don't have any error messages and usually plays back fine initially. However, there have been a few instances (3 of them more recently, i.e. within the last 2-3 weeks) where playback of the video is now different or has changed. By that I mean that it doesn't playback properly. The audio is out of sync and it is distorted or has noise. Almost like I was recording outside with heavy wind. However, it happens when indoors too and I'm not breathing that heavily.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I have no idea why the video is getting "corrupted" or why I am experiencing this. I have transferred the videos to my computer as well and playback is still impacted.

    Let me know if anyone found a solution to this.
    05-30-17 08:58 AM

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