1. TZRick's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    I just signed up for a website that sells access to educational videos. I am trying to watch/listen while I work using my Q10, but I'm having some issues.

    What seems to happen is that the browser runs the video in "video player" mode, but there seems to be an overlay of elements from the containing webpage. To illustrate, think about a YouTube video playing in full screen mode...but the comments are overlayed on top.

    This is killing the usability because I cannot see what the instructor is writing on the board, so following the lesson is more difficult.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to improve the situation?


    Posted via CB10 | Q10 on T-Mobile (USA)
    01-01-14 03:24 AM
  2. TZRick's Avatar
    I am running the release version.

    Posted via CB10 | Q10 on T-Mobile (USA)
    01-01-14 03:25 AM
  3. TZRick's Avatar
    Okay...it might be a website issue. Just started a new video on the same site and it loaded correctly in video player mode without the overlay. I'll test the first video with another device and compare.

    Posted via CB10 | Q10 on T-Mobile (USA)
    01-01-14 03:41 AM
  4. mikeo007's Avatar
    Sounds like it may be a flash player issue. Have you tried disabling flash and seeing what happens?
    01-01-14 08:08 AM
  5. TZRick's Avatar
    Hi Mike,

    Just tried disabling flash but that did not make a difference. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    Posted via CB10 | Q10 on T-Mobile (USA)
    01-01-14 11:41 AM
  6. germanib's Avatar
    I started having this issue when the flash player was eliminated in some OS update (I think it was The embedded videos playing on html5 showed an overlay with some kind of video information.
    I solved by clearing cookies and data (... settings -> Privacy and Security -> Clear Cookies and...) on the browser.

    04-24-15 02:39 PM

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