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    Can anyone help me with this problem of unwanted emails showing up in my Priority HUB. I use my PH for my family as most important and for some reason I keep getting a couple emails that I do subscribe to in the PH when I only want them in the regular HUB. There are a couple notifications that show up to and don't understand when I choose "remove priority" and "this contact isn't a priority" option, it does not work.

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    07-08-16 08:19 AM
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    The priority hub is called "Priority" because it doesn't filter something I guess, It only sorts your messages according to the importance. And importance, can be defined in the Priority Hub settings:
    Go to Hub settings> Priority Hub> Add Rule (the bottom icon)

    Here you can define a rule to lower the importance of emails from subscribed sites, or higher the importance of your family emails.

    Update: turn "Message Sent with High Importance" off in Priority Hub settings.

    Keep us updated.
    Thank you for your suggestion. I knew about the rule option but I wanted the emails gone. So following your suggestion I made a rule for it and put it on the low end of priority yet it remained in the Priority HUB. I then tried to remove it again by choosing "This contact is not a priority". WORKED!!! Not sure why it didn't work the 50 times I tried to remove it before? I waited until I got another new email from that subscription and it did not show up.
    Not sure if it was a glitch but it did work and Thank you again.

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    07-09-16 08:06 AM
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    So you made a rule to lower the priority, and then while deleting the message it asked you to remove the contact form priority list?
    Why it didn't gave you an option to remove it from priority at the first place!? LOL
    Anyway, I'm happy you made it. Good Luck!

    Update: Now I see, There are 2 options to delete from priority hub. One is a recycle bin called "Delete" which you did the 50 times you tried. The other is an arrow pointing down called "Remove Priority" and that's what you just did. So, no need to create a rule.

    Update 2: I was wondering if removed the priority accidentally, so how to make it a priority again? You can add every email or conversation to priority by the opposite up pointing arrow called "Add Priority". Now, it all makes sense.

    Uwanted emails keep popping up in the Proirity HUB-img_20160710_001659.png

    This is the options I get to remove it from the Priority. I chose both but mostly the first one and failed every time. Only after I made a rule for that email did I try it again using the first option and it worked.

    The rule I made is still there and I'm not sure if I delete it if the email will reappear. I will just leave it for now lol.

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    07-09-16 11:20 PM

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