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    So far I've been unable to get this to work and cannot find any websites with answers. I'd like to be able to send a BBM to a group using the voice assistant. I've created a group under contacts but it doesn't recognize any contact info when invoking the assistant. I've had multiperson BBM chats open hoping the voice assistant might "see" the info. Can't get it to work. Let's say I have a group chat going on in BBM and the name of th group is "the guys". Simply saying "send a BBM to "the guys" doesn't do anything. Saying "start to multiperson chat with "the guys" also does nothing. Saying "send a BBM to the BBM group "the guys" also does nothing. Anybody know what or if there is a proper syntax for this? Thanks!
    10-15-16 07:22 AM
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    10-15-16 12:29 PM
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    Can't help re answer, but have a question: does assistant send a Bbm to a single Bbm contact for you? (as a test)

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    10-15-16 01:20 PM
  4. Ces1um's Avatar
    It does without any problem at all. It just won't send to a group.
    10-15-16 02:06 PM

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