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    Hi, would it possible to use the same BlackBerry ID with a OS 10 and OS 7 phone?

    I'm using a Q10 and plan on using/reviving my BlackBerry CURVE 9360 with another sim card but would use the same ID. Would that be possible? Anyone tried that?

    Please note that this is a CURVE and not a BOLD, as I remember the BOLD is more strict in the sense of its security. I remember when using my BOLD I cannot startup my phone without entering the username and password of the ID during initial startup, but on a CURVE I can do so, so I'm assuming there may be a difference.

    Can anyone confirm on my initial question?


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    05-05-15 10:47 PM
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    You can use the same ID for both device. What you can't do is use both devices at the same time.

    Z10 STL100-3/
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    05-05-15 11:07 PM
  3. Eddie Lee4158's Avatar
    You can use the same ID on two or more devices. The only thing you cannot do is to launch BBM at the same time. I use one ID on my Passport and Classic for apps to be the same,but I keep my BBM on Passport only.

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    05-06-15 12:25 AM

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