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    I am modifying a playbook rapid charging cradle to become a z30 cradle. Have the micro hdmi hooked up and also the micro usb hooked up.

    The micro usb connection is built within cradle. I have the male end at the front running to the back of cradle where it is a female micro usb.

    I was wondering if I attached a usb otg cable to the female micro usb connection at back of cradle, would it work as OTG? The micro usb cable running through to back of cradle is just a data/charging cable. I haven't actually tried it yet as i haven't picked up an OTG cable.

    Basically half the cable is just a regular data/charging cable and the other half is an OTG cable.
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    An "OTG" cable is just the same as a data+power USB connector. No difference, except it normally features a male micro USB to female full size USB connector.

    So yes, your setup should work perfectly with USB OTG.
    02-24-14 06:36 PM

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