1. bzavitz's Avatar
    A couple/three days ago my Classic started a 104 MB OS upgrade without asking me. After it was over the phone would not pick up voicemail. Blackberry support said it was a network issue, Bell Canada support did some diagnostics and confirmed the network was doing its job, suggested I back up and do a factory reset. Which I did, using BB Link. After Restore, I was left with (count 'em) 43 of my over 1,200 original contact list entries. If I had not had the good fortune to have earlier made a backup with the InTouch app, I would be up some creek without a paddle. As it is, I have only lost the entries made in the last couple of weeks. And now I don't know if the OS I have ( is the new version, or if this is going to happen to me again some day soon.

    Has anyone else run into these issues?
    04-17-15 10:00 PM
  2. albertinik's Avatar
    No at all as my automatic updates are turned off.

    Never a good idea to update OTA.
    Always back up first and autoload later.

    BlackBerry Link does is job sufficiently well.

    The issue you encountered was probably caused because of the poor signal device had during HIS CORE OPERATING SYSTEM UPDATE during your phone call..

    Powerfully Encrypted with my Z10
    04-17-15 10:04 PM
  3. bzavitz's Avatar
    Just to clarify, all my contact list entries were intact after the OS upgrade-- they disappeared in the "backup." And now I've discovered that my calendar was never restored either.
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    04-17-15 10:13 PM
  4. albertinik's Avatar
    I see you now.... how long did you waited for before checking/counting and definitely thought contacts were gone ???

    I have 2778 contacts on my phone and when I restore from back up or Google it usually takes 12 hrs to complete restore , because it has to reload all the info one by one and usually 43 is the first amount of contacts that appears.

    Then if you start opening and closing contact app and refreshing at the same time you will see the contacts list that will grow up, usually by 25,43 contacts at time

    Powerfully Encrypted with my Z10
    04-17-15 10:23 PM
  5. bzavitz's Avatar
    Albertinik, I can't remember any details, but I'm sure I would have waited till there was some sign the process was complete. As I recall, there was a progress bar, but there may have been a pop-up as well. Certainly when I backed up from InTouch it was obvious while the process was running, and it did take 15 min or so. If BB LInk takes 12 hr to restore a file with twice as many entries, that is ridiculous.
    04-18-15 08:35 AM
  6. koolaje's Avatar
    Just a suggestion, when you do a restore, turn off internet and all antivirus softwares (disable temporarily) restart both computers and mobile. Make sure the mobile is in airplane mode, then restore. It worked for me in one instance. Yes BB Link could be better during instances since it's a hit and miss. When moving data from an old Q10 to Classic, even after signing in BB ID to the classic and restore contacts and groups, the BBM chat history weren't restored when it supposed to. Whatsapp history and the rest were good.
    04-18-15 08:57 AM

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