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    Update 3: Boo-Ya!!!!! sachesi 2 rules be-itches! Down load and installed sachesi 2, plugged phone into USB, started sachesi, sachesi automatically detected my phone info, found all required files, and then updated my Z30 STA5 to BB10.3.0.908!!!! Yipee!

    Update 2: Oh, crap! LOL, Sachesi started updating my Z30! Thought it was transferring to PC! Oh well, so far it looks like it will be a good update, sheepish grin!

    Update 1: Starting over, need some details about Z30 and SACESI. (USA and T-Mobile and Rooted phone, I bought my phone on Amazon and not through carrier.)

    I've installed SACESI on my W8.1 laptop, sitting here with my Z30 STA100-5 hooked up to USB and SACESI has discovered it and all is going well. I'm in the SEARCH section and this message has come up at top and it says;
    * Update available for SQW-100-1, then, OS: Radio

    Soo, it appears SACESI has located to latest 10.3 for my Z30, is it ready to install, is it that easy, no guts to proceed without some back, (no guts no glory posts please! LOL)

    PS: The INSTALL section scares the heck out of me! Have no idea what to check and don't understand the drag N drop, what?
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    01-23-15 03:16 PM

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