1. shannnicolee's Avatar
    So i never received the OS 10.2 update and i got really impatient so i manually downloaded it onto my phone and i backed up all my information and i thought it was working perfectly fine.. but it didnt. My phone no longer has an alarm clock and now i cant set pictures as my background nor can i log into my facebook anymore ? And it seems like im missing a lot of apps my phone normally came with before i updated the software? If anyone knows what i can do or if they can help that would be amazing cause i am so lost
    11-02-13 09:17 PM
  2. pttptppt's Avatar
    what os did you install? try reinstalling or using a different autoloader. maybe you installed a dev os?
    11-02-13 09:20 PM
  3. shannnicolee's Avatar
    Im not sure which one i did? I typed in a thing on youtube and i used the guys link and it was the 10.2 OS ? Do you know one that would actually work for my phone? because i was thinking of factory resetting my phone and than backing it up but i dont know if that will help in anyway?
    11-02-13 09:23 PM
  4. Uzi's Avatar
    op what device you are?

    waiting for Z30
    11-02-13 09:29 PM
  5. shannnicolee's Avatar
    im on the z10 my model number is STL100-1 OS
    11-02-13 09:32 PM
  6. Uzi's Avatar
    yeah u download the dev os wait I give you the right os for you
    http://l.bitcasa.com/6DwB0lJa official autoloader os stl1

    waiting for Z30
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    11-02-13 09:34 PM
  7. shannnicolee's Avatar
    so i just download that and it'll fix my phone for me?
    11-02-13 09:41 PM
  8. Uzi's Avatar
    yes it is the right os for you

    waiting for Z30
    shannnicolee likes this.
    11-02-13 09:45 PM
  9. shannnicolee's Avatar
    awesome thank you so much!
    11-02-13 09:45 PM
  10. Uzi's Avatar
    please report back if anything goes wrong or your phone already fixed

    waiting for Z30
    11-02-13 09:47 PM
  11. shannnicolee's Avatar
    i tried downloading it, it took a couple hours and when it finally downloaded it said it was a zip file and that i couldnt access it?
    11-03-13 11:13 AM
  12. Uzi's Avatar
    unzip it using winrar and run it

    waiting for Z30
    11-03-13 11:14 AM
  13. habibvalil's Avatar
    What is a dev os Usman?

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-13 12:01 PM
  14. Uzi's Avatar
    developer os BlackBerry provide to dev for testing their apps

    waiting for Z30
    11-03-13 12:03 PM
  15. shannnicolee's Avatar
    It worked! thank you sooo soo much for all of your help!!
    11-03-13 12:13 PM
  16. Uzi's Avatar
    It worked! thank you sooo soo much for all of your help!!
    it is normal now your phone?

    waiting for Z30
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    11-03-13 12:14 PM
  17. habibvalil's Avatar
    Good job Usman!

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-13 12:19 PM
  18. bubbbab's Avatar
    I like it when I see situations like this. CB member in need and another one right there with the needed and complete answer.

    Posted by Dr. Emmett Brown from my GoogleBerry Cranial Implant
    11-03-13 04:27 PM
  19. rockivy's Avatar
    This here is absolutely fantastic, love when this forum works out this way!!

    Posted by the Zed 30 of rockivy
    11-03-13 06:33 PM

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