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    Hello, I have two Passports and I have staunchly opposed the risk of updating to 10.3.3 for some time now after seeing the blizzard of problems and complaints. Usually all device manufacturers and software developers go through these growing pains but in this case we find ourselves in a boat that has lost its sail, hoping for the current to drag us to land if something goes wrong. BlackBerry is not as concerned about BB10 any longer and all we have left is Crackberry as our current. I wouldn't expect an update to fix an update from on BB10 these days.

    One stipulation I declared a must if you want to have a painless update is to back everything up manually, wipe the device, update and reload from scratch. It is a irritating and tedious chore but it is the surest and safest rout.

    The other day I decided to turn on my spare Passport which has been recently wiped. I did not realized I had left the updates on automatic. Over WIFI the device updated. Luckily everything turned out just fine. Tested for a few days and everything works.
    I then decided it was about time I just took the plunge with my daily driver.
    I backed everything up onto the SD card and some in the cloud. Needless to say everything went well. Tested for a day to be sure and everything was fine. Loading all the apps and resetting all my preferences was incredibly annoying but eventually finished.
    This time around I avoided installing the Google Play Store and resorted to Aptoide instead. Many of the android apps I chose the replace with Web browser shortcuts. Ex: Paypal, Ebay, AccuWeather, Telus My Account, Facebook, although I am still testing Facebook Lite. My bluetooth works fine as does everything else. I did install TaskManager from Aptoide as to provide a way to Force Close rogue Android apps.

    To sum it up, "All is good in the Hood!".
    I do hope this info helps others optimize their BB10 devices and good luck.

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    04-03-17 11:56 PM

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