1. gg bb's Avatar
    Wifes q5 updated soon as 10.2 hit uk even with a lycamobile sim and data turned off?
    Im still waiting for my q10.

    So I try her sim in my phone and check for update
    Phone says cant contact carrier.
    So I enter lycamobile APN and recheck
    I'm now told I'm on latest release?
    But Im on
    So I remember she had data off so I turn data off and try again.
    Still same.
    So I connect to link and am I offered update?
    So I download Sachesi and get some worying firefox message about downloading more than 50Mb from the download site. Confusing Sachesi is only 6Mb.
    I start the app
    I search for uk, O2, Q10 and -3
    I see 10.2,
    I start download
    144 files in a dir on desktop. Takes ages.
    I connect phone to pc
    Link pops up
    I close link
    I press install in Sachesi
    I am asked for a password
    I enter my phone lock pw
    I get some dumb RESET message flash up so quick I cant read
    Im back at the password screen.
    I stop sachesi and restat it.
    I try to download again but sachesi seems to decide I already got the files?
    What do I try next?

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    10-25-13 03:16 PM
  2. gg bb's Avatar
    Am I only one whos phone wont update?

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    10-25-13 08:50 PM

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