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    Hi all,
    I've updated my BB Z10 to the 4181 OS and after it completed, it asked me if it could restart and I agreed. Now the loading bar loads to 99% and it stays on this for so long. I've read that it takes an hour to do the full update but I've taken 4 hours altogether with download and restart and the phone isn't on yet. I am sure I will reach 100% as I have before (and I battery pulled etc. and did everything I should not have) but the issue previously is that the phone just stays on 100% loading and doesn't switch on. . . So now I want to know. Do I wait some more? Or where do I go to download my old software again?
    I can't make calls, and have to do all sorta silly things to the phone to get it on to just be ab le to use my internet for basic apps like bbm, whatapp and for sms. Best of all is my phone rings for the person trying to call me but the call does not reflect on my phone at all... HELP ME PLEASE
    09-29-13 06:21 AM
  2. macberry33's Avatar
    09-29-13 08:03 AM

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