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    Have been looking around the web and all the posts on CB and have not found a single reference to someone having an issue like mine so I'm opening a new thread to see if there are some technically-savvy folks who could figure this out.

    I'm Canadian expat in Brasil. I'm an avid Blackberry fan and early buyer of both Z10 and a Z30 recently. I bought both in Canada as prices are prohibitive in Brasil (and I don't think the Z30 even made it here yet). Problem is with the Z30 update to 10.2.1 (currently running which is basically not happening. I get the notification an update is available but I can't complete the download no matter where/how I try. The phone is Bell Mobility unit, fully unlocked and otherwise working 100% perfectly (and I love it) on a VIVO network (Brasilian carrier).

    I did a factory reset at the very beginning, connected to wifi and began the download straight to phone. That crashed at about 12% merely saying "problem with download, try again later" so I tried over and over again with the crash happening randomly in between 0% and 40%. Somehow the bug wouldn't pick up where the previous download left so I ended up re-downloading every time. I also tried using a freshly downloaded Link on 2 different computers (a Win7 and Win8.1) and I get the same thing, a random crash during download "error encountered". I've tried in 2 office, Subway restaurant wi-fi, etc and still the same crap.

    As I'm writing this my Win8.1/Link setup is on its 15+ crash and the behavior is extremely strange. It got to 37%, crashed and dropped to 20% and I've been going like this for 2 hours now: download up +15-20%, crash back 10-15%, download up, crash back, etc. I'm now at the 60% high peak / 43% crashed low and as I only gain a few increments every 5 minutes it seems I'll be doing this crap for the next hours.

    The error is "Software Update encountered an error. An error has occurred while downloading software for your device. Please verify your internet connection or try again later, if the problem persists". That's it. No log, no detail, no cryptic message, nothing. It has been persisting for 3 days now. I know the problem is not the network, I'm connecting on a corporate environment running a hundred SAP connections daily and being on a Saturday I get all the bandwidth just for me today. It's also not the computer, I'm doing this on my personal Alienware gaming beast I offered myself for Christmas and it's running the very latest version of everything.

    Anyone has a clue what the heck is happening?
    02-01-14 12:39 PM
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    Everything I was gonna offer... you've already tried!

    But, for starters, Don't OTA and don't connect through Wi-Fi.
    You want a clean direct connection from computer to mobile devices through USB.

    Try loading a previous OS like (very stable) If that works, back it up and then upgrade.
    Make sure you have the latest BlackBerry Link software on your computer.
    If you didn't have anti-virus software or just a free program when you went on the Subway wi-fi.... your system is infected with all kinds of Adware, Malware... you name it. Count on it!
    Do a Complete system scan.
    On the corporate level, try running as administrator. But, I'll bet the main server has put some restrictions on what you can do and the main firewall is blocking you,
    Oh... a personal computer? The main server is surely set up to block you from the corporate network! You've gotta run everything from the bosses computer link.

    How's the relationship between Brazil and the Canadian government??
    (maybe they're on to you...!) In fact, they're probably listening in right now.
    Quick! Get off your mobile and call me back on a land line!

    OK! So maybe I've watched a few too many movies lately!

    Anyway, you've gotta find a normal home broadband hook up for starters!
    Good luck!
    If this message doesn't self destruct in five seconds.... it's too late. Runnnnnnn!!

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    02-01-14 03:51 PM

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