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    These are the steps:

    1. Install " Blackberry Runtime for Android" from BBW
    2. After installation DONT RUN IT JUST restart phone.
    3. Install " Ghost Commander File Manager" FROM BBW
    4. From " Ghost Commander File Manager" menu, press applications.
    5. Long press the application you chose to delete.
    6. From the menu that appears select delete.
    7. A new pop up window will appear and there select uninstall.

    I have a Q10 device and it worked. I hope this will work to all BlackBerry devices of the world.

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    Some caveats:

    Only update the Android Runtime from BBW IF you are on OSes (2836) or (2848). Otherwise you will corrupt your system and will have to reload your OS.

    Be VERY careful with Ghost Commander. It can cause damage to the OS if you delete the wrong files.

    PRIV STV100-1/AAG111 DTEK50 STH100-1/AAG124 Z30STA100-5/
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    Thank you very much for your precise thoughts. Yes with Ghost Commander you are in the heart of the system. But if delete only and only applications there is no problem.

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    08-20-16 02:46 PM

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