09-09-14 08:45 AM
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  1. MB64's Avatar
    Very nice. It has amazon...feels like a brand new phone all over again...guess that'll keep me busy tomorrow!! Downloading to my second device tomorrow
    09-08-14 09:34 PM
  2. yessuz's Avatar
    why would you download it twice?
    just write same autoloader
    09-09-14 03:46 AM
  3. MB64's Avatar
    why would you download it twice?
    just write same autoloader
    You're talking a foreign language to me....im not tech savy like the rest of you guys.

    Posted via CB10 with z10
    09-09-14 06:41 AM
  4. yessuz's Avatar
    you said that you will download new for another.

    technically, DOWNLOAD/Upload is viewed from Person of view.
    If I sit with my pc and I download app from internet - I download. If i am sending it to someone - I am uploading.

    Now, you have already downloaded the Autoloader from internet to your pc for one phone and Successfully Uploaded new OS From you pc TO the phone.
    Now you need to use the same autoloader to Upload new os to another phone.
    You do not need to download anything. Unless the phone is different Z10 which OS is not compatible.

    09-09-14 08:43 AM
  5. MB64's Avatar
    Ok, that's what I meant ....doing right now as we speak...
    09-09-14 08:45 AM
  6. MB64's Avatar
    ....and just as I hit the reply button it is finished....
    09-09-14 08:45 AM
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