1. Abhishek Vora's Avatar
    I am unable to restore a previous back up on my z10 STL 100-2. I was on OS and i took a back up before upgrading to the new It worked and I was able to restore my back up the firs time. But on realizing that wifi was not working at all, I decided to reload the OS. Ever since the second reload, my phone is unable to restore the backup. This is happening ever since i upgraded to and reloaded the second time. So I decided to go back to OS (my Previous version) and now it is still unable to restore my previous backup. I also tried restoring the precious backup version of, still its giving the following error :


    "There could have been a problem with the device or connection during the restore. Verify that the device is turned on and connected"

    FYI i had upgraded my BB Link software to latest before upgrading my OS. I also tried to go a version lower on the BB Link but still FAIL.
    The new OS seems to have left behind a sort of a bug in my phone that is disallowing BB Link to restore the previous backup. I went through a lot of forums and all i got is to "Not sign in BBID, then restore so it will FAIL complaining to first sign in and then try. So i cancel, disconnect, Sign in BBID and now try to restore again but still FAIL. This seemed to have worked for many but not working for me. tried many other combinations but nothing is working.

    Now i am stuck and unable to restore. Please help !!!!!!!!!!. I am completely handicapped and have no clue what to do.

    11-21-13 06:05 AM
  2. GiantSchnauzer's Avatar
    Try restoring the parts separately (EG settings, apps etc). Also enter your BlackBerry id on fresh install of os (not bbm) and then try restore.. also perhaps name the phone the same as your backup file phones name.

    Z30, and yes, it's a bit on the heavy side..., but the Carbonate case is Killer!
    11-21-13 06:41 AM
  3. Carmels's Avatar
    Have you tried to restore to factory settings and then restore your backup? I've had to do this with a number of BlackBerries throughout the many years of use.

    Not saying BB10 is susceptible to the same effects but they always seem to recover better from tweaks once restoring to the factory defaults.

    From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!
    11-21-13 07:11 AM
  4. Abhishek Vora's Avatar
    Thanks for your response @GiantSchnauzer. Perhaps I will try to do it separately and the bits you suggested.
    11-21-13 07:45 AM
  5. Abhishek Vora's Avatar
    Thanks @Carmels. Yes i did it more than a coupla times. Factory Resetting (Security wipe) did not help. Just wondering what can go beyond Factory reset, if the problem persists ?
    11-21-13 07:46 AM
  6. Qrackin's Avatar
    Mine failed several times until I renamed the phone to the same name as seen in the backup file. I can't say this was what did it for me, but it is worth a try if you haven't done it yet.
    11-21-13 08:32 AM
  7. Abhishek Vora's Avatar
    I tried doing it selectively. I matched the file name and phone name. Still not happening. I have also used different back up files, in case a particular back-up file wud be corrupt o somthin.... but nothing works.... Close to pulling my hair... dont know what more is left to do.... ?
    11-21-13 09:54 AM
  8. cmdrkeen86's Avatar
    Try using Sachesi or Darcy's Tools (I don't have links to them but there are on the forum). From what I have read and heard, Sachesi is the better of the two but handles backup and restore much better than BB Link.
    11-21-13 11:01 AM

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