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    When I open a link in twitter it takes me to the browser app. Is there an easy way to get back to twitter without minimizing the browser, going back to the home screen and then reassessing twitter? It would be nice if there was a back button to go back to twitter.

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    03-25-15 08:35 PM
  2. gebco's Avatar
    Maybe a different Twitter app like Twittly would do that for you? It looks like it may open links in the app.

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    03-25-15 09:30 PM
  3. Sayumi Whisp's Avatar
    Another option is to use the quick Browser of Evolution.
    I think there are another small browsers like this in the bbworld like cardbrowser.
    So you can set the default http links to quick browser and when you click in the twitter app, it will open like a layer on your opened app and you can swipe back.
    Of course your default browser is always the regulary BlackBerry Browser, but I'm using this way with evolution for the Hub Links too.

    You should try it.

    モーニング娘。15 ... my BlackBerryZ : Storm9500, Torch9860, Bold9900, Z10, Passport
    03-26-15 12:29 AM
  4. sibeans's Avatar
    give HUB Browser a try
    03-26-15 01:13 AM
  5. Tobster619's Avatar
    give HUB Browser a try
    I'm the dev of Hub Browser and I can assure you that this is the easiest way to get straight back to Twitter without needing another Twitter or browser app.

    A huge overhaul, of Hub Browser, is currently being worked on with speed improvements, a new design (for a better user experience) and new features too & I'm always welcome to suggestions to improve

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    04-12-15 06:43 AM
  6. Denny_Crane's Avatar
    Blaq opens links from right within the app.
    04-12-15 03:07 PM

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